#267 - For Me, It Was Tuesday!

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Asked moves to a new time to get away from the wrestling-infested Wednesday night, but can Riv, EdWood, and the Crust get away from the atrocity that was TNA Slammiversary?  We'll discuss the biggest disaster since the Hindenburg! With gay marriage legal, did anyone set themselves on fire? What about all the priests talking about Satan dancing?  Who knew Satan was such a good dancer?  Donald Trump pisses off pretty much everyone, the first ever "Ginger Convention" is announced and we unfortunately must announce that "Miley Cyrus still exists" and someone has like a billion tattoos of her.  ISIS Wal-Mart cakes, more Confederate Flag chaos (sorry, EdWood), and what the FUCK is an "Otherkin?"  We have all this and a whole lot more to discuss on the show that entertains, enlightens, offends, and angers all at the same time!

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