Asked with Riv & Landin, Now with 100% More EdWood! - Episode #241

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Tonight the prodigal son returns!  They said it would never happen, but they don't know us all that well - Johnny Landin returns to the show.  What has he been up to on his 9 month hiatus?  What's in store for the future?  We'll have all of this and a run-down on some crazy Tinder stories as well!

In the news we have Teen Mom's Farrah getting the worst lip implants of all time, The Leelah Alcorn suicide case - how will it effect what kids learn about sexual identity in the school system?  A couple of crackheads get locked in a Florida closet... that doesn't have a lock, and of course that doesn't count the Florida men masturbating in cars or decapitating their mothers.  Do we need Dexter to straighten it out over there?

Can we at least send Liam Neeson and is anyone excited for Taken 3 or have the critical reviews made us decide to stay away?  Everyone is talking about Joseph Gordon Levitt's marriage; we're just surprised he's heterosexual.  Play-doh puts out penis toys and Playstations get replaced with holy bibles.  All of this, plus Boston Bombers, crazy callers and the strangest show to ever grace Wednesday nights!

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