The 2014 Year in Riv-View! - Asked #240!


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It's a year end special edition of Asked tonight!  We're going to take a look back at 2014 and some of the craziest events to happen as Riv runs down the year in RIV-IEW and takes callers.  Who stole the show this year?  Who stunk it up?  Cosby, Kardashian, Williams, and more - we'll talk celebrity gossip, DDoS attacks, hacks, happenings, Fappenings and a whole lot more!  It's the last Asked of the year, and we've got a lot to say tonight!!!


Riv will also have huge announcements regarding the future of the Asked Universe, shout-outs, some crazy last minute news topics, and of course we'll be taking callers, crazies and maniacs on the air, and it all starts at a special 10:00 PM Eastern start time, running until 11:30 - why not midnight you ask?  Because Riv has beers to drink, chicken to eat (Hispanics always has chicken) and better things to do to ring in 2015!


Be part of the show and call in, 646-583-0469 or post on our forums to be a part of the action on !