Asked #223 - What's Happening with the Fappening?

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Episode Description:

The Fappening is upon us!  Which celebrity nudes got leaked, and is it a big deal?  Is it psychic violence? And what exactly IS psychic violence anyway?  EdWood and Riv will discuss whether its the iCloud or the uFailed and why Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and other celebrities can't put all the blame on the Internet!

Speaking of celebrities you don't have to be naked to be in the news as Joan Rivers clings to life, Justin Bieber clings to the pillow in a jail cell, CM Punk clings to wedding photos, and Cee Lo Green clings to unconscious women.  Speaking of violence against women - are video-gamers too violent against them?  Or is feminism just getting out of control?

Also, decapitations are in again both in foreign and domestic waters as a man decapitates himself in New York and the terrorist organization ISIS beheads another civilian overseas.  When will the heads stop rolling?  Other news stories include a pit bull being stabbed at an adoption event, a man who threw a baby out of his car and then tried to run it over, and a man who crashed a car just to kill his girlfriend!  What ever happened to having a clean break?   All this, and the Malaysia Airlines Bucket List? No... we're serious. That's a thing. And so is Asked, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Join us live for all the craziest topics in the world today!

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