Asked #226 - 3 Breasts, 2 Fappenings, and a Lawsuit!

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Episode Description:

Looks like the world isn’t getting any less crazy and that means that Asked comes to you with more mania than you know what to do with at a special new 10:30 PM EST Wednesday night start time.  Why?  Because we like South Park.  A lot – how did the Season Premiere do in our eyes?  You’ll hear all about it on this show.  Here’s some of the other things you’re also going to hear about.

Who is Jasmin Tridevil and why does she claim he has three breasts when Snopes has already debunked the rumors?  What’s her angle?  And should we be surprised that she’s from Florida?  Also The Fappening came back with a vengeance and Jennifer Lawrence got exposed (again) along with Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and more!  Also rumors of a 3rd Fappening targeting the males happen to be swirling.  Is the Fappening still shocking or is it the “new normal” of the Internet?  And what of the Jersey Shore's Situation finding himself in a sticky tax situation?

Also after an abyssal release in the theaters, the Expendables are going after Internet piracy.  Should you be concerned?  How will it affect you?  And who is really at fault for the movie getting leaked a month early?  Other topics we’ll talk about tonight include the incredible bendable iPhone 6 and the new "bendgate" scandal, Mike Brown’s Ferguson Memorial burns down – oh here we go again!  Sims 4 mods bring teen pregnancy, incest and polygamy to the game, and Hope Solo goes on a domestic violence spree of her own – so why didn’t she get kicked off any sports teams?  Is there a double standard based on gender?  Also why the hell does New York Yankees player Derek Jeter like his ass eaten out, and would EdWood be willing to do it?  Why feminists are up in arms about Marvel’s Spider-Woman, first impressions on Gotham on FOX, and why a Florida Man thinks hitting his grandmother with a chair was entirely justified!  And if that’s not enough Florida madness, why the hell did a man kill his daughter and his six grandchildren?  We’ll have all this and more on the show that proves truth is stranger than fiction, and the world gets more warped by the week! 

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