Asked with Riv & Landin Episode 181: Interview with Former Adult Film Star: Doron the Minion!


Special Guest: The infamous adult film star known for eating gross foods while banging hot chicks, former adult film star, Doron the Minion of the Dogfart Network (yes, the Corn Porn Guy)! We're going to find out the origins of the Minion, how he came into the adult industry, who he most wants to work with, how to score chicks with minimal effort and what the weirdest thing he's ever eaten during a video is! You won't want to miss this one as Riv & Landin do what they do best - entertain and offend simultaneously! 

Current events and craziness will also ensue as we talk about news and current events: Does Justin Bieber buy hookers overseas? Why is San Francisco turning into Gotham City from Batman? Is Brutus The Barber Beefcake trying to do coke with the Mayor of Toronto? And what are our thoughts on the Macy's Christmas Tree in New York "Going Green?" All this and... what ever happened to our old friends The Yung Moolies? We'll get to the bottom of this and more on another incredibly entertaining episode of Asked.

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