Episode Archives: Asked with Riv & Landin 188 - 195 (Modern Era)

2014 saw a fresh “reboot” for Asked with Riv & Landin after the Asked Awards.  The Asked Awards ended up being a culling of sorts for the program, with several former guests offended at Riv & Landin’s sense of humor and often-controversial opinions on politics, the world of wrestling, entertainment and the like, vowing never to return.  Other guests however, would become “repeat offenders” on Asked with Riv & Landin, respecting a fresh perspective from a show that dares to be different from the social mainstream.  Brian Roth would make a return to the program this year as a caller and guest.  We’d also see several crazy impersonations and parodies of the world of wrestling that would infuriate fans and listeners who might just take men (and women) in tights a bit too seriously.  While old callers would slowly seem to fade away, new voices would appear on the phone lines such as Erik Martinez, John the Singer, Hollywood Jabroni, and others. Morgan and Krispin Wah would continue to round out a cast of crazies that always makes Wednesday nights interesting.  Early 2014 would already see many guests joining the ranks of Asked with Riv And Landin such as the somewhat-eccentric Jenny Lovefield, an impromptu interview with former WWE NXT talent Jacob Novak, the dual personalities of Star Man & Joey Janela, the return of now-often-a-regular TJ Marconi and some lovely young talented women of wrestling such as Leva Bates, Solo Darling, and the Plastics: Riley Nixon & Megan Washington.  Finally we’d close out the tour of duty on Blogtalkradio with the Selfie King and one of the only make twerkmasters on earth, professional wrestler Brandon Watts.

With frequent DDOS attacks on Blogtalkradio, coupled by pour audio quality, and a need for Riv & Landin to expand their brand to a capacity much larger than Blogtalkradio could provide them the due decided it was time to upgrade their program to a higher-quality, more integrated product as they draw ever closer to ASKED 200 and as the quality and frequency of guests continues to increase.  We hope you will continue to support us every week as we post our newest episode here on ListenToThisShow.com.

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