Merry Christm-Asked with Special Guest Doron The Minion! Asked #239

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While EdWood takes two weeks off to party, Riv is bringing the party to you through the holidays with a special Christmas Eve edition of Asked - Merry Christm-Asked to everyone who supports the show that's not afraid to say anything at any time! With EdWood taking a breather who will step through the door and co-host tonight? We're bringing back the Dogfart Network's Doron the Minion to talk news, current events, entertainment, adult film, wrestling, and more!

Just who the hell is Antonio Martin?  And did this one deserve to get shot? We'll have the answers.  Seth Rogen & James Franco give North Korea the Christmas gift of Sony Pictures releasing the Interview online, but will North Korea even be able to see it after their Internet went out earlier in the week?  Another Bill Cosby accuser steps forward.  Will we be able to play videogames for Christmas or will Lizard Squad DDoS all the major gaming networks?  Also we'll discuss the tragic death of two of New York City's finest at the hands of a maniac and we'll discuss the outrage about people who actually supported these violent attacks!  And why the hell did Kevin Nash beat up his son?  

If that's not enough, how did 7 girls all come home pregnant from the same field trip, why are Wisconsin men having sex with horses, and why are kids getting molested by "Zack Morris" in Hawaii?  All this and more on the show that talks about it all, the highlight of your Wednesday night and the highlight of your holiday season at 10:30 PM EST every Wednesday night! Be part of the show and call in, 646-583-0469 or post on our forums to be a part of the action on !