Damien Darling Returns with Danny DeManto - Asked #238!

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Tonight marks the return of one of our most prolific, controversial and most outspoken guests of all-time, Damien Darling, returning to Asked to discuss the year he's had in wrestling, what's on the horizon, what's in store for 2015, and a whole lot more.  Damien is also joined by Danny DeManto as the two take over the show with stories, callers, and assorted craziness!

Of course we'll also talk about all the current events and chaos in the world, such as the terrorist attacks in Sydney, faces being sat on in London to protest their new anti-pornography laws, hacker threats against Sony Pictures and Seth Rogen & James Franco's new film, The Interview - and Bill Cosby's wife speaks out! 

On the more chaotic side of the news we'll discuss the man who shot another man 18 times over a parking spot, a Nets fan who killed himself after being ejected from one of their games, the woman who got caught sexting behind her boyfriend's back at a Detroit Lions game... and why women are infuriated at the men who caught her in the act! Egypt putting the gay community on trial, a Texas cop who tazered a 76 year old man, the church's war on penis-shaped necklaces, and move over #GamerGate, #MetalGate is upon us!  Why are feminists attacking metal, and is there any merit to what they say or are these women just insane?

All this, plus Al Sharpon's VIP lounge, and Scott Stapp threatening to kill President Obama?  You may call it crazy.  You may call it vulgar.  We call it Asked on listentothisshow.com, the must-listen to podcast that's LIVE every Wednesday night. Be part of the show and call in, 646-583-0469 or post on our forums to be a part of the action on http://postonthisboard.forums.net !