Asked #237 I *CAN* Breathe!

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The show that rants on everything and anything is back again for another week where madness, chaos, and insanity ensued!  Riv and EdWood bring you the show that isn't afraid to say the things everyone else is afraid to say!

This week we'll discuss the Eric Garner protests, and the story of another man choked to death by police brutality that you're NOT hearing about - why aren't they telling you about this one?  The same reason they're mad Hootie is singing White Christmas in New York!  Also we'll discuss the CIA torture report.  Is it inhuman or is it justified?  Are people too sensitive when it comes to terrorists?  We'll also cover a little bit from the world of wrestling as former WWE star CM Punk delves into the world of MMA, and WWE 2K15 servers ban anyone who uploads anything pertaining to Chris Benoit.  Are the bans severely hampening the user experience of the game?  

Crazy news stories are at the core of the show as we discuss a man who murdered and slept with his stepdaughter's corpse, the McChicken Domestic Abuse guy is back in the news this week, as well, and why he's angry!  We also have a Chicago HOT CONVICT, only this time it's a woman who's full body mugshot is causing feminist outrage!  Why did someone unleash chlorine gas at a Furry convention, and the burning question:  why didn't they succeed?  A Kenyan pastor bans underwear, Michigan EMTs can refuse service to homosexuals, a teen boy gets killed by his online gaming partner (in real life), and of course a Florida Man whose public masturbation habits get blamed on his mother.

All this, Hallmark Swastika wrapping paper and the Pirate Bay shutdown as well on the show that not only tells it like it is but lets you join in on the action on the airwaves!  Be part of the show and call in, 646-583-0469 or post on our forums to be a part of the action on !