Asked #232 - Remember, Remember, The 5th of November!

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The first show of Riv Appreciation Month, November, is here!  What will happen on the show we're not afraid to say anything on our minds on?  What topics do we have in store?  Who will call into the show?

This week we get to the bottom of who the hell #AlexFromTarget is, why the hell anyone should give a damn, and why #JonFromGasStation should be more famous.  Also did the "reddening" of the map with the Republicans winning the Senate during election day "destroy America?"  Grand Theft Auto V is upon us for the new videogame systems and is bringing first-person mode to the game - is it enough to make us pay twice?

We've got crazy news stories as another man with a "pretty mugshot" emerges, a Christian zealot beheads a fellow teen he felt was a practitioner of witchcraft, a woman is strangled by a 4chan Anon, and a mother throws her autistic child off a bridge!  This isn't counting the usual weekly craziness involving women banging teen boys and dogs all over the place - why the hell is this becoming an epidemic in today's society?

We'll also discuss Gordon Ramsey's porn midget stunt double being mauled to death by badgers... no, really - that's an ACTUAL news story this week!  Why you shouldn't use the toilet when breaking into a home, China sends aid to Liberia, Lena Dunham touches her sister, and a mom hires a hitman to feed her daughter's ex to gators?  Florida must be at it again!  Also, we'll discuss the death of Static-X frontman, Wayne Static!  

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