Asked #235 - Asked #235 - 34 & Still Not Dead - Happy Birthday, Riv!

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Tonight we celebrate the fact that somehow Riv has made it another year offending and infuriating others without getting murdered yet!  Also we'll have special guests such as Beyond Wrestling's Crusade for Change members, TJ Marconi & Darius  - what will happen when the most chaotic and outspoken Asked guests this year all appear on the same show? Also, The Crippler may be making a rare appearance on the program!  It's going to be one hell of a party for your ears tonight!

Current events include all the Ferguson coverage - all the protests, the riots, the craziness, the madness, the people blocking traffic and the people getting run over by cars.  When will it end?  Is racism out of control?  And why the hell is the KKK getting involved?  Prepare for controversy as Riv, EdWood and more offer their uncut, uncensored, unfiltered points of view!  We'll also discuss whether or not the Jurassic World trailer impressed and if we'll be doing the dinosaur, why WWE Diva Sunny is pimping herself out on Skype video chat and why Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron and Creed frontman Scott Stapp proves that the power of prayer doesn't make anyone give a crap about you!

Also who is Tamir Rice and why did the police shoot him?  Will Ferguson already be getting a sequel?  Black Friday is coming - are we standing in line, or are the sales way too out of line for us?  And why have public schools become brothels?  We'll talk about the 17 year old who started her own prostitution ring, the fat woman who ended the hot teacher sex streak and more!  Finally we've got a man arrested for threatening cops with a banana, and Utah wants to bring back the firing squad?  You won't want to miss all the craziness on the show that's not afraid to go THERE... unless "there" is Nigeria!  Join us!

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