Asked #233 - Break the Internet, Pinkie Sanchez!!!

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Asked comes to you live on the Eve of the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion:  Riv & EdWood are ready to go on an epic journey of sleepless nights, energy drinks, and carpel tunnel syndrome on the way to Level 100 – but they’re going to answer the tough questions: “why do you guys even PLAY World of Warcraft?”  Also they’ll discuss BlizzCon 2014, what they liked, what they didn’t, and whether or not it’s OVERWATCH or OVER-HYPE!  Also SPECIAL GUEST PINKIE SANCHEZ is joining Asked tonight and he's got something to say!  You won't want to miss this episode!

Of course we haven’t forgotten all the other crazy news stories, current events, entertainment, wrestling, and assorted madness which makes up this show every week:  CM Punk may have walked out on his job with the WWE but has walked INTO a job with Marvel Comics.  We’ll have the latest, and what we think of the transition.  Speaking of Marvel Comics, Aunt May from Spider-Man is getting her own feature film?  Say it ain’t so!  It’s a given this is a disaster but how bad of a disaster is it?  We’ll have the answers.

What is #MenimistTwitter?  And is it a foil for the crazy women who believe “no woman should ever be put in jail for any reason?”  Also in politics, the KKK decides to let Blacks, Jews, Gays and Hispanics in!  No, really!  It’s not a parody this time! We’ll also cover the story of a man who used 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend, only to get turned down!  And why do religious nuts believe Monster Energy Drink is the work of the devil, Satan?  Monster might not be, but coloring books are and we’ll have the scoop!

Florida Men (and women) are at it again – we’ll have tales of booze, chainsaws, and a whole lot more.  In Massachusetts a man stabs another man… over dog crap!  And we’ll discuss the woman who had three dead children in her home… and the new WoW expansion isn’t even out yet!  Also, is it a Fappening if nobody is fapping?  Ask actress Keira Knightley who did a nude photoshoot that made people yell PUT IT ON instead of TAKE IT OFF!  ABC cancels the television series “Selfie,” does anyone really give a rat’s ass?  All this and a whole lot more on the show all the cool kids listen to, Asked!  You won’t want to miss this!

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