Asked #228 - Featuring Special Guest, Mike Rotch, Founder of Interspecies Wrestling!

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Episode Description:

Joining us tonight we have special guest: The Founder and Booker for Interspecies Wrestling (@ISDub), Mike Rotch (@RotchyKong) will join us to discuss Slamtasia V on October 25th, as well as news, current events, crazy stories and a whole lot more! For more information go to and visit their Facebook page as well!

As usual the highlight of your Wednesday night comes with all the crazy that’s going on in the world!  Why is it a bad time to be a 7th Heaven Star, or a small child NEAR a 7th Heaven star?  Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on the Fappening – will she dig herself a deeper hole?  DC comics decides to appease the “moral minority” by pulling their Batman’s Wife t-shirt.  Was it the right decision?  The Ebola hysteria continues in the media!  And those are just the big headlines!  Sometimes it’s the things you DON’T hear that are the biggest mess.

In Detroit turning a man down gets a woman shot.  In Florida couples are having sex at retirement homes in public – and getting arrested.  In Ohio grown men are punching babies!  Body-Modded Satanists are in the news again for burying bodies in their yards in North Carolina… and in Georgia the police are taking the advice of Meth Heads and shooting innocent men in their homes.  And why the hell does a woman think stealing from cars means she’s on the hunt for ISIS?  And of course the stupidest criminal ever, a wanted woman who came to the police station to demand her ugly mugshot be taken down!

Of course our news goes international as well.  We’ll talk about China becoming the world’s economic leader, the British boy who took Dexter a little too seriously and chopped up his girlfriend, an Australian Chef who killed and cooked his transsexual wife, and did you know the Middle East has “rich annoying asshole kids who use Instagram too much” too?  And why is Japan making a chair that gives hugs to lonely miserable people – and when will Riv get one?

And even your genitals aren’t safe as a man goes to the hospital for a 17 hour erection and a woman finds that a potato is growing inside of her vagina!  We have all the madness, all the mania and all the mayhem on another great episode of the strangest podcast on the planet!

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