Asked #231 - Simply MARVEL-ous!, Featuring Mike Rotch & Ben Ortiz of ISW!

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So nice we had to do it twice:  Mike Rotch AND Ben Ortiz both appear to talk about the aftermath of ISW's big Slamtasia V event last weekend and both join us for crazy news stories and more!  You won't want to miss this super size episode of the show we have planned for you!  This week Marvel introduced "Phase 3."  What's in Phase 3, what are we most excited to see, and who hasn't gotten a movie yet that we'd like to see?  We'll discuss this and more and you're welcome to call in and let your opinions be heard as well on the most interactive show on Wednesday nights! 

We'll also talk the Honey Boo Boo "scandal."  Are we glad the show is canceled? Is Mama June's new predator boyfriend a reason to have the show canceled and should her kids be taken away?  Also, the CDC now claims Ebola can travel distances up to 3 feet - will the hysteria increase, or are people too worried the word "Ebola" will become a racial slur against African people to care about the actual virus.  Twitch is pulling the plug on female streamers trying to be sexy, and for some reason people STILL won't shut up about GamerGate - when will it end and can we get back to playing video games?  Also, are cat calls to women in the street out of control or is it just exaggeration by the media?  And are Ebola Halloween decorations creative, or just in poor taste?  More female teachers are in the news for getting with their students as a substitute teacher sleeps with a boy on her first day on the job, and another teacher gets a student's name tattooed on her.  When will it end?

Crazy news stories this week include a drug addict claiming he is Denzel Washington, why catfishing might lead to someone choking you out if you're not careful, a man who cut off his penis after his girlfriend dumped him, former baseball star Jose Canseco shooting himself in the hand, a hatchet attack on the NYPD, a man who throws a chihuahua through the window of the Starbucks that banned him, the Queen of England makes her first tweet and is told to promptly FUCK OFF, and the horrible story of a Long Island woman beheaded, while cops assume "it's just a Halloween prank, can't be real." Also, Facebook wants to bring back the anonymous chat room days of the Internet - is it a good idea or will Facebook ultimately violate your privacy as it always does? We'll talk about all this and a whole lot more on the show that doesn't pull punches and isn't afraid to "go there," every week.  You too can be a part of all the action.

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