Asked #229 - It's Not Ebola!

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Once again Asked comes from you live at 10:30 PM EST to bring you the weirdest 90 minutes (or more) of your life every Wednesday night as we talk news, current events, craziness in the world, and allow callers, contributors and crackheads to call into our program every week.

This week on Asked, it's NOT Ebola... or is it?  We'll discuss the Dallas woman who recently contracted the virus, and whether or not she infected half of Cleveland Ohio before she was quarantined!  Is the hysteria reaching critical mass?  Yes, this was important enough to get Riv & EdWood off of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and World of Warcraft for - on that note, why are people STILL talking about GamerGate and why did all the "black people" in Warcraft turn white this week?  We'll have more on this as well.  And speaking of black outrage, why is one white woman's cosplay of The Walking Dead's Michonne making people cry out about racial insensitivity? Doctors want to put Amanda Bynes in a mental home, the City of Houston demands preachers hand over their church sermons to "prevent homophobia," but is the separation of church and state being violated in the process?  A nurse kills 38 patients she finds annoying, a Florida teen uses a stuffed animal as a sex toy in the middle of Wal-Mart and Bono APOLOGIZES for the U2 album being forced onto iPhones?  Maybe the world is ending after all!

And just so you know it is a real bad time to be an old woman as we'll talk about a 10 year old who killed a 90 year old, a Kansas man who raped a 100 year old, a Chinese woman who got stuck in the toilet, and an old widow who decided to keep her husbands corpse rotting in her home for 9 months!  Of course if that's not enough for you, we have teens making sacrifices to Satan, people wiping their ass with money and then using it to pay, a man on trial for drugs bringing his drugs directly into the court room, and why people are suddenly suing Red Bull.  And why the hell are Snoop Dog and Iggy Azalea beefing?  Of course we'll also have crazy commentary by Riv, EdWood, and all of the people calling, texting, or tweeting us during the show.  You won't want to miss this one, or ANY one of our episodes for that matter on the show where anyone can say anything at any time!

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