Asked #227 - Killer Cops? Ebola? Who Cares? Everything is Sexist!

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Episode Description:

Ebola has come to America!  Are we concerned?  Cops are shooting innocent people!  Are we concerned?  Why should we be?  DC comics is putting out SEXIST t-shirts!  Mastodon is putting out SEXIST music videos!  Clearly we need to stop looking at women. Ever.  Glory holes must be the answer!  Riv & EdWood will discuss how quickly the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket!

Speaking of Hell, why is some weirdo who has horns and a 666 tattoo on his forehead surprised he was found guilty of murder?  Microsoft forgets how to count with Windows 10!  Every Liam Neeson Movie Ever, a.k.a. Taken gets another movie!  Why did someone murder 920 chickens with a golf club?  And who in the hell thought TETRIS THE MOVIE would be a good idea?  Oh, and get this breaking news:  Kim Jong Un is fat.  Seriously.  That's in the news.  And speaking of useless news stories does ANYBODY at all even care that George Clooney got married?  We'll also talk about the two parents who let their child who had Fragile X syndrome starve to death.  Why is it Fragile X parents are always so homicidal, anyway?  Add to that "nudist cruise" wacky antics, the zombie apocalypse being rumored to start because of Ebola, and all the other crazy in the news and you have a recipe for yet another insane episode of Asked!  Join us!

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