Is George Zimmerman the King of All Racists?

It seems every week that there is some new story in the news that causes racial tension, ever since the February 26th, 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Frankly, I don’t give a shit what color anyone is.  If you’re cool, cool, if you’re an asshole, fuck you.  However in all honesty with how sensitive people are in modern society, it feels like everyone is accused of racism.

Example.  I have 5 cats, 3 indoor and 2 outdoor.  2 of the 3 indoor cats are white.  1 of the outdoor cats is black.  To some idiot who sat in a political science class for about five minutes in their life, this somehow means I’m a racist.  Why?  Because they read it on Tumblr, or on Twitter in the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag or any number of other stupid reasons.   In 2015 EVERY bad thing that has EVER happened to a black person EVER, is the fault of "whitey."

With everyone accusing everyone of racism for stupid shit, could you IMAGINE being George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin?

Whether you agree the kill was righteous or not, whether you agree with Florida’s Stand Your Ground law or not, the legal system has declared Zimmerman innocent, and to me that’s fair enough.  Of course in our modern society the only court that matters is the court of public opinion – not the court that contains lawyers and judges.  No, our opinions should be ruled by what someone conducted in a 140 character or less tweet on the Internet. 

Is killing people wrong?  Yes.  However, under the laws of the United States, Zimmerman was found innocent and frankly that means he could do whatever the fuck he wants, no matter how ridiculous you may think the things he does may be (he’s been back in the news several times).  However, I think the fun thing about our boy Zimmerman is he just “stopped giving a fuck” at some point and began to openly embrace the hatred directed at him.

Whether it’s selling Confederate Flag memorabilia or outright trolling the hell out of people with photos such as him smoking a cigar on Twitter talking about how “karma isn’t coming,” George Zimmerman has embraced his role as “the most hated person by black people, ever.”  And really, can you blame him?  We live in a society where if “public opinion” doesn’t like you, well, guess what?  They’re never going to let you be.  So Zimmerman has pretty much embraced it and become the very Devil we have created.  I mean after all, there is no person more racist than George Zimmerman, right?  Let’s not forget the time he traveled through time to kill Abe Lincoln for freeing the slaves!

In Zimmerman’s shoes, I’d likely do the same thing.  Because really what’s “I’m sorry” going to do?  He tried that, and people said “no fuck you, you racist.”  After hearing that all day every day, I’d be trolling people all day with Confederate merchandise, too so in effect Zimmerman is the racism we created for a situation where he probably would have shot a white kid or an Asian kid or Mexican kid doing the same shit. There’s only one way left for Zimmerman to further troll society.

INTERRACIAL. SEX. TAPE.  Make it happen, planet earth.  In closing, I don’t think George Zimmerman was a racist BEFORE he shot Trayvon Martin but I think he probably is one now if only because people keep calling him one and why should he disappoint his adoring public?