Why Do I Do What I Do?

Over the course of my many years where I’ve written articles, done podcasts and worked on projects, one thing has occurred to me that I’ve never written about WHY I do the things that I do.  I’m sure people wonder “why bother having a podcast?” or “why write articles online?” “You’re not famous.  You’re not some show with 50,000 listeners a night, and you’re not some mainstream website like Cracked, so why bother?”  And there are probably even times where I felt so busy that I wanted to pack all my shit and stop doing what I do, but it’s never because I’m not “one of the big fish.”

The reason I do what I do is simple:  I have a brain and I have a voice and I’ll be damned if anyone lets me stop using them.  All too often in this era of “easy to entertain, easier to offend,” too many people are afraid to speak their mind or their views.  And sure you can speak your mind on Twitter or Facebook… or can you?

Twitter and Facebook are both free to sign up for but publicly-traded companies of their own with their own set of rules and regulations.  Sure you can read them but they are complex, complicated, like to throw big words at you.  Ultimately what the 10 pages of crap these social networking sites throw at you translates into in plain English is: “If we don’t like what you say or enough people don’t like what you say we can get rid of you at any time.”  But when you pay for a service like I do having my own site and my own show I can truly say whatever the fuck I feel like.

And therein lies the problem.  We have given too much power to social media when we say “I want to make a joke but I’m worried I’ll lose followers,” or “I want to comment, but I’m worried they’ll delete my account.”  I don’t know how many times people have told me privately they wish they could “get away” with half the shit I say on social media.  One of the reasons I can speak my mind so well is that I really don’t give a fuck because if Facebook and Twitter closed down tomorrow I would still have the ability to write, and speak, and vent, and share my opinions on here or on my Podcast.  Simply put: I refuse to be silenced.  Being able to share my views on a variety of topics, any topics, is my therapy.  I’ll let you in on some secrets – my life isn’t perfect and the past couple of years have been especially rough in my personal life.  However, when I’m feeling my roughest, my most frustrated, stressed, angry, unable to focus on my life, I can jump on here, and I can share my opinions – I refuse to let the mundane rule and dictate who I am as a person.  Because I am not afraid of the “big machine,” I’m not afraid of the fact “someone might get upset,” and what I’d love for everyone to learn from it is YOU shouldn’t be either.  If I died tomorrow at least I’d die knowing I wasn’t afraid to be unapologetically me.  Many of you out there are tired of not being able to speak your views.  Well then stop censoring yourself, stop apologizing to the people who don’t like it and just do it.  I’m not special, I’m just one person, and you’re just one person.  Nobody’s opinion is all that more special than the next guy (or girl’s) so don’t be afraid to share it and if someone else gets mad about it? That’s their problem, not yours. 

The only way society will stop being sensitive is when we stop being afraid to use our right to say whatever the fuck we feel like. Just some food for thought.