Shawna Escalante: Portrait of a Liar & Emotional Catfish

It’a a shame that it took the near-emotional destruction of me as a person to get me to write a new article, but sometimes fate doesn’t exactly make a whole lot of sense.  My article today is about Shawna Escalante of Littlerock California (not to be confused with Shawna Escalante of Arizona that pops up in Google searches).  Some of you may have known Shawna as “Kate” (the name she supposedly goes by because the other one is her cousin of the same name), or Kiss, or Miss Kiss, or XFrenchKissX or fwenchkithes, or whatever her names were when interacting with people from Asked/ – the reason why I’m writing about her is because for six years, her and I have spoken every single day – in fact we had an online relationship, mostly on the emotional/mental spectrum as it’s sort of hard to be physical with distance.  Maybe some people find that corny, but the truth is that sometimes you just need a mental connection a wavelength with someone. Someone to talk about life, and situations, and vent to, and talk about movies, books, video games, and bounce ideas off of.  I don’t think I spoke to anyone in six years more than I spoke to Shawna, confiding all my thoughts, hopes, fears, secrets. And we did find things to do together online, watching movies, playing videogames, etc.  I had bounced ideas off her many times for the site and the show, and when she abruptly stopped being a part of those things because she claimed to be “taking a hiatus from the internet”  I felt pretty bad about it. 

The former identity of the woman now known as @LalaTheBang.

The former identity of the woman now known as @LalaTheBang.

About two years ago that abruptly started changing.  Less time playing games or watching movies, her attitude and demeanor somewhat altered, less flirtation – she’d still talk to me and vent to me but her attitude towards me felt altered. She claimed her grandfather had fallen ill and that her and her family would be constantly attending to him and taking care of him in his failing health.  Obviously I had no reason to believe her to be a liar, but part of me questioned it.  Over time in these strained conversations, on several occasions I asked: “Are you just involved with someone else the way you used to be involved with me?”  And all those times she said no.  She said she wasn’t a liar.  She asked me “what would I get out of lying to you?”  Well, I guess we’re answering that question now, as I found out for the final two years, she had in fact been harboring a lie.

I should have been more way that she may have been a liar – as when I first met this woman, she was posting on and a part of Dan the Cannon’s Week in Review podcast.  She had come across my site years ago and enjoyed the articles so when saw a resurgence in 2009, she had joined and complimented me on the articles and recaps – that’s how we began talking.  At the time we found we had a lot in common, similar backgrounds of a Hispanic-American family, similar hardships (which now I question if they were ever legitimate), and the like.  Hell, we’ve exchanged Christmas gifts.  She even went through the trouble of sewing one herself (see the matching blanket/remote holder combo “because you can never find your remotes when I talk to you it seems.”)

I considered this the best gift anyone has gotten me because I thought it was heartfelt.  Now I found out it's just part of emotional manipulation.  Side note - she also helped me find my dog when she was a puppy on Craigslist. How can a person invest so much in lying?

I considered this the best gift anyone has gotten me because I thought it was heartfelt.  Now I found out it's just part of emotional manipulation.  Side note - she also helped me find my dog when she was a puppy on Craigslist. How can a person invest so much in lying?

We had never met in person, mainly because year after year my family started dropping off one by one (with my grandmother passing, then my father the year after, and now my mother has cancer).  Also she (claims) her relatives have been sick and dying and passing away.  The timing just wasn’t right but it wasn’t like something I was opposed to. 

I think the fact she went so elaborate in the lies is why the truth coming out hurts but initially she had not been Miss Kiss of theimpactplayers (which by the way you can find her ON previous episodes of the Week in Review podcast and hear her voice for confirmation) but had used the screenname y2jasmine and harbored an e-relationship previously with a guy who called himself “The Great One,” on some wrestling forums (Googling y2jasmine and going to wrestling related forums finds all sorts of drama, by the way).  Unfortunately for me (and everyone else), The Great One decided not to attack her but to attack her current target (me), and it’s difficult to get somebody to listen to you when you do that (not to mention I am pretty stubborn myself).  He attempted to speak reason to me but only after several forum attacks and invasions on the sites she was a part of with friends which served only to make her look like the victim instead of a liar.  Because of this, a friend of mine, Kayleigh, actually found herself on the wrong end of my stubborn personality when she believed them and was banned from the forums. We didn’t talk for a long time.  Shawna Escalante had gotten in my good graces, and her emotional manipulations worked.

Fast forward to now. The other day one of my real life friends added me to Snapchat – the most worthless program on earth.  The funny thing about Snapchat is that if you look through your contacts it tells you EVERYONE else in your phone who has it regardless of if you added them or not.  A quick glance at Shawna/Kate Escalante’s number revealed a new Snapchat name: oolalabang.

Wait.  That’s odd.  She has always told me she’s against programs like this.  I wonder…  So I tried KIK with the same name.

Oh look, a profile with her actual photo… under this name.  Time to Google.

Googling showed me that “oolalabang” also known as “Lala” and “LalaTheBang” – there is even a private @LalaTheBang twitter, has, Steam, Snapchat, KIK, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, an entire new persona for a person who told me they were busy taking care of their sick grandfather and also raising their kid to play video games or watch television with me – and furthermore there is an online relationship that’s been going on at least 2 years with a guy named “2Shy4u” or on Twitter as @2shyforu1 who has an Instagram (2shy4me) as well and whose real name is Tim Brannen of Montreal Canada, whose name I put on here not to out him or hurt him in any way but because he should know what he's really getting into. 

In fact it was through Brannen’s account where he retweeted BIRTHDAY WELLWISHES for her on her birthday (August 19, 1981 by the way, which makes me wonder why a 33 year old would tell these kinds of lies at all), that I found undeniable truth that it was her – prior to that she was going to blame her daughter… of course once I found the undeniable proof she still claimed “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m glad this happened.” – her last ever text message to me.  Sent from phone number 661-***-5167 (which may be a burner phone as it has a voicemail that hasn’t been set up yet for YEARS) – but in case anyone has communicated with her on that number, there you go.  In fact for the time being they seem to have stopped posting on all the accounts I have discovered meaning either a) "Lala" is going to cut and run to a new identity and a new victim, or b) "Kate" is taking DAYS to try to find a "perfectly logical explanation" for all of this to make it "all my fault" and make me into the "villain" of the story despite the fact I've never done ANYTHING wrong here. 

I hold no ill will against Mr. Brannen.  It’s not his fault; I’ve been where he’s been, but the flirtations with him and seeing that she’s harboring the same supposed online “relationship” I’ve had with her for six years shows me she’s a liar and cannot be trusted. Shawna Escalante is a liar.  Shawna Escalante cannot be trusted whether her name is y2jasmine, xfrenchkissx, lalathebang or anything else.  She is a masterful liar that will lie for years on end with no rhyme or reason, and the worst part is she will embed herself so deep you’d never know it.  This woman has spoken on the phone to my mother before.  This woman has talked to me every night in six years, even the two she has spent harboring a relationship with Tim Brannen of Montreal.  Shawna Escalante has a serial compulsion with creating fake online personas to embed herself in different communities.  Here’s everything, for cross-reference for Googlers:

Shawna Escalante / Katelynn Escalante / Kate Escalante – Littlerock, California.

Screen names (plug these into Twitter, KIK, Snapchat, Gmail, Google Plus, Instagram, Photobucket, Steam, Twitch, Facebook or various websites to find various false profiles:  xfrenchkissx, fwenchkith,,, y2jasmine@hotmail,com, y2Jasmine,  LalaTheBang, oolalabang.

Date of Birth: August 19, 1981

Previous victims: Thegreatone (as y2jasmine), Riv (as Kiss), Tim Brannen of Montreal Canada (as Lala The Bang). Obviously she will have new names, new victims but using her real name “Escalante” and using her real address (I will not give that as that is too far a breach of personal information) tends to be real so she can get things; it’s entirely possible this Brannen guy bought her the new computer which she games on.  I’ve exchanged gifts over the holidays with her many years.  Maybe she collects these things like serial killers collect trophies.  Maybe that’s her reason for her MO.  I don’t know.  But I’m hoping people who google for her will find this page and protect themselves from the lies and deceit.

I want to say for the record I hate writing this into an article.  I hate feeling like the person I spoke to every day for six years was a false façade.  I hate not having that person who has been my rock in my corner through the bad times I am going through.  But it’s for all those reasons I also HAVE to write this article because I know too well the pain of believing that person to be real only for it to be an elaborate illusion.  This is someone I let closer to me than anyone.  This is someone I trusted. Someone I confided in.  Someone I exchanged gifts with for many years.  Someone who told me stories about who they were and things about themselves who I cared for and grew to have feelings for.  Sure there were arguments and there will rough spots here and there as with any two people who ever speak but the bottom line is I cared about someone.  This wasn’t a physical catfishing, because I knew what she looks like (and frankly that wasn’t an issue for me), but it was an emotional catfishing which in many ways is tremendously worse.  This was someone I confided in every night, and I hate that they created an illusion of security for me, and hate even worse they then snatched it out from under me, leaving me to feel alone, wounded, hurt, lied to, and heartbroken.  That’s a terrible feeling for anyone to have, and all that rings in my head is when I asked them if there had been somebody else, and they said “what would I get out of hurting you like that?”

Well they did.  And they left me with that question which will likely never go answered.  So all I can leave them with (and before blowing up on her, I did maturely ask several times to discuss with me WHY they would do this, only to receive no answer, ever) – all I can leave them with is an article with enough information for Google to take a hold of so that maybe people in the future who get lied to can protect themselves from Shawna Escalante of Littlerock California.