People & Things That Should Fuck Off and Die.

The title says it all.  As I’ve done 250 episodes of Asked, where we cover news, current events, entertainment, and just about everything going on, there are some names that keep popping up in the stories we cover:  repeat offenders, if you will.  Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about them.  Frankly, I’m sick of talking about them.  Right now though, I’m going to talk about them some more so you know exactly who it is that I’m sick and tired of seeing their name/cause/whatever pop up on Facebook, Twitter, in the news media, or in life.

Also if anyone feels threatened by the title of this article, you’re a fucking pussy.  I didn’t threaten anyone, but I will say that the people I’m about to discuss are people that if they were to die I wouldn’t lose sleep over it and actually probably think the world was a slightly better place because they were no longer in it.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West top the list.  These two are pretty much the worst people on earth.  I have no problem with a little egotism.  Hell, you need to have somewhat of an ego to do the projects of which I am a part on, but Kanye has a God complex, and Kim Kardashian thinks she contributes enough to the earth to stay relevant forever.  And she’ll do ANYTHING to keep the spotlight on her – show her ass to multiple magazines in 2015, get knocked up so that stupid women can go “AWW BABIES ARE CUTE,” a book of selfies, a crappy cellphone game, or dying her hair blonde.  Kanye pretty much dials it in by going “I get to have sex with her” after any time something like this happens like he’s won a prize by doing so.  Also he gets a nice ego boost from idiots who sell bags of air he may or may not have breathed on eBay, making commands of crippled people to stand up at his concerts, and generally being a douchebag and claiming he is the most important black man since Nelson Mandela on a regular basis. 

I think the worst part about Kanye and Kim is that there are plenty of stupid people that worship them, mostly on social media – and these people believe in the values (or lack thereof) Kim and Kanye represent like that “how many followers you have on Instagram and Twitter are what defines your success in life.”  Between reality shows, albums, and the idiotic masses putting them on pedestals, I doubt K&K are going to go away any time soon but it’s apparent they are a match made in Heaven (Hell) because they are exactly alike: annoying egotists that won’t go away.  Maybe they’re close to death as Kim’s surgery levels are to the point where she looks like she has already been embalmed like in that god-awful Super Bowl T-Mobile commercial.

Stop the aliens before they replicate.

Stop the aliens before they replicate.

Before you start with the rebuttal of “I bet you’d fuck her,” I’d like to point out I’m broke and would probably fuck anyone with millions of dollars if it meant furthering my own wallet, and secondly it doesn’t mean I’d enjoy it.  I’d probably scream like that one guy who got cannibalized in The Walking Dead.

Anyway, Kim and Kanye are horrible, and I wish they’d return to the Kardashian’s home planet, never to return.  However, that brings us to our next person who needs to fuck off, Bruce Jenner.

Your life... as a PIECE OF SHIT. GO AWAY.

Your life... as a PIECE OF SHIT. GO AWAY.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner and his/her/it/whatever’s transition into being a woman and what Kim, Kourtney, the Rancor… err.. Khloe, Kris, Kendal, Kylie, etc. think about it… God, those are a lot of K’s.  With that many Ks you’d think they were Klanspeople – maybe that’s why they bang so many black guys, to prove they are not.  Anyway back to the point – transsexuals are “in” right now complete with a story every other week about discrimination or gender roles, or gender tolerance or equality, or whining that someone said something they found offensive (I don’t give a shit if “tranny” is offensive because it saves me from typing “transsexual” to be honest).  It seems like this is just another ploy by Kamp Kardash to stay relevant.  The fact Bruce wants it all filmed and do to a show about his-her-it-dogshit’s transition proves it is just to get attention.  If Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman, fine, turn into Mrs. Doubtfire and get lost, nobody cares and in all honesty, Bruce, you’re going to make one UGLY woman.

Speaking of women/men/whatever, Brianna Wu is pretty annoying, as is Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and all those Anti-GamerGate harpies that sit around complaining about how evil males who play videogames are.  Feminism is rampant these days and every week some rad-Fem is managing to ruin something for everyone else claiming it’s “breaking down the barriers” of the “Boy’s Club.”  The problem with that is that the things which are being “altered” haven’t been “just for boys” in a long time, and I fail to see how “all-female Ghostbusters films,” “banning Grand Theft Auto in certain countries,” and “removing offensive comic book covers” help to create equality or spread the word of equal roles for genders, or anything like that.  If anything it creates more barriers by taking the fun out of and ruining shit that nobody really thinks about, cares about or worries about because it’s FICTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT.  But if you’re “entertained” by something these radical lunatics don’t like, you MUST hate women, which is a retarded thing to say.  And by me saying “retarded” I have somehow slighted handicap people.  And by saying “handicap” I must mean that “people with down syndrome and people who can’t walk are the same, which is offensive,” and… EVERYTHING IS OFFENSIVE – shut the fuck up. Everything is offensive to someone.  Of course, if you tell them that you are “threatening them,” because in this era “disagreement” is the same was “attempted murder.”  Nothing is as “empowering” as a woman who yells “RAPECULTURE” the second that someone does not agree with their opinion.  Fuck off.  I actually wouldn’t put it past these horrible scorpion women to use the money they’re getting from all these “give me money because fictional people have threatened me” charities to hire hitmen to kill each other so they can be like “GAMERS KILLED HER. I AM RIGHT. GIVE ME MORE MONEY.” 

Sarkeesian just looks like the kind of bitch who’d have the other two killed to further her own agenda.  But you know what they say about women like her, right?  The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe.

Let's ignore the fact this guy is wearing a bank robber mask and there is a black cop on the scene.  Clearly this man was simply minding his own business at a church function when these white cops (and one guy with a nice tan) decided to brutalize him.

Let's ignore the fact this guy is wearing a bank robber mask and there is a black cop on the scene.  Clearly this man was simply minding his own business at a church function when these white cops (and one guy with a nice tan) decided to brutalize him.

On equal footing with the radical feminists that are running wild all over the Internet are the people who claim “every police officer incident ever” is racist can fuck off, too. Shit happens.  Shit happens to everyone regardless of skin color:  white, black, Hispanic, etc.  But it seems that you ONLY ever hear about it when it happens to a black person – why is that?  Maybe because the media knows that it sells?  When a Hispanic person gets shot, it’s swept under the rug, and don’t ever be white and get killed by a cop because not one person will generate any outrage; in fact it’s usually “they deserved it for being white.”  #BlackLivesMatter trends on Twitter but what about everyone else?  Of course, if you say that you’re not being sensitive about slavery.  You know the cool thing about slavery?  IT HAPPENED OVER 200 YEARS AGO.  So unless we have some 250 year old people living in the world TODAY, nobody should be beating that dead horse because we all grew up in houses and clearly black people can accomplish great things like becoming the president, or banging the previously-mentioned Kim Kardashian.



And while we’re mentioning all this, somebody should tell Azealia Banks that people don’t dislike her for being black; they dislike her for being an irritating cunt.

And I’m really getting tired of hearing about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults to the point I wish we’d just arm Bill Cosby and his 204,455,321 accusers with melee weaponry, throw them in a giant maze, put a pot of gold in the center of the maze, and see what the fuck happens.  Can we make them all part of a Hunger Games?  I’m sorry, Bill.  I love the laughs you’ve given me, and I don’t even think you’re guilty, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about you. 

Above is a list of accusers of Bill Cosby, written in stone, because when Bill Cosby was born, there was no pen and paper with which to do so… oh wait, that’s the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  Oops.  I feel like every time I take a shit, a new woman accuses Bill Cosby of secretly being the super villain known as GHBill.

That’s it. That’s his name!  Maybe I really DO have similarities to Cisco from the Flash – anyway, it’s to the point where I think a lot of these women just say “Bill Cosby raped me” to get attention and it’s not working because I can’t remember the names of even ONE of his accusers.  They’re all just “Bub,” to me like how everyone is “Bub” to Wolverine.

I wish we had Wolverine to deal with ISIS, though – another group I’m sick of hearing about.  They are to the news sites what Bullet Club is to annoying, mark-out New Japan Pro Wrestling marks.  And while initially their videos were too ludicrous for me to even take them seriously despite the graphic content (hi-def camera but cheap blades that can’t decapitate without you hitting pause on the video and carving for hours?), they’re just annoying and stupid, especially now that apparently they have entrance music like they ARE a wrestling faction and frankly I can’t wait for them to fight Bullet Club in Japan for the battle for faction supremacy:

I have to admit that jam is kinda dope, though.

I like the fact they’re so ridiculous someone put their “anthem” to the end of an episode of the Benny Hill Show.  It doesn’t help that in light of ISIS, now you have more terrorist groups like Al Shabaab saying they will do things like blow up shopping malls.  Yeah, you do that – considering NOBODY ACTUALLY SHOPS AT MALLS ANYMORE.  The dumbfuckery around here is rampant. Anyway, this was just a good time to rant about things, terms, people, places, and groups that make my head hurt just upon seeing their name and telling you how annoying the digital world has truly become.  I miss when the only time people came on this shit was to look for cheat codes to videogames.  That era was cool.

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