Audio Blogs: Riv's Files 27

Welcome to Riv's Files 27: personal audio clips about things going on behind the scenes, and extra rants from Riv regarding the Asked Internet Radio Program, the current events on and an inside look at the show and the hosts - an exclusive feature you can ONLY find on our website.

This week in Riv's Audio Blogs:  Riv discusses why he holds disdain for the Sharknado, as well as the time, effort, and difficulty that goes into every episode and every article on this show - the struggle to keep sane, as well as questioning why everyone is always so depressed over so many trivial things.  Also why is it suddenly "cool to hate Riv" so much?  Riv gives us his first impressions of Guardians of the Galaxy, and talks motivation, lack of motivation, and why the Rocky movies should be required viewing for anyone on the earth that's having a bad time!  All this and more in Riv's personal audio blogs that show what goes on behind the scenes every week! - Finding the pieces... without the Puzzle