Audio Blogs: Riv's Files 15

Welcome to Riv's Files 15: personal audio clips about things going on behind the scenes, and extra rants from Riv regarding the Asked Internet Radio Program, the current events on and an inside look at the show and the hosts - an exclusive feature you can ONLY find on our website.

This week Riv explains the difficult behind-the-scenes of his personal life, and thanks the people who have reached out to him and continues to support the show, as well as discussing using video games such as Telltale's The Wolf Among Us to distract him from the difficult times.  Riv also discusses some of the situations that have recently restored a little of his faith in the human race, as well as those situations that diminish it, and Riv explains why swimming has always been his exercise of choice.  Click below to listen to Riv's latest audio blog.

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