Audio Blogs: Riv's Files 13

Welcome to Riv's Files 13: personal audio clips about things going on behind the scenes, and extra rants from Riv regarding the Asked with Riv and Landin podcast, the current events on and an inside look at the show and the hosts - an exclusive feature you can ONLY find on our website.

This week Riv talks about the stresses of every day life as he heads into a big Wrestlemania weekend for the Asked with Riv & Landin team.  Riv also talks about what it is that sets Riv & Landin apart from everyone else and questions why everyone feels the need to BELONG to something.  We'll also discus Jon Eric and his role as a third chair and what a third chair really means on the show; also why don't white people survive it?  Riv mentions the accomplishments of 200 episodes and why Episode 200 featuring an Interview with Special Guest D12's Bizarre might be the best episode of the show ever done.  Finally Riv tops it off with a story about why exactly that Shield Stalker meme guy hates him so much.  All this and more in another audio blog from 1/2 of the team that brings you one of the most notorious internet radio shows out there every week! Click below to listen to the Audio Blog:

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