Audio Blogs: Riv's Files 11

Welcome to Riv's Files 11: personal audio clips about things going on behind the scenes, and extra rants from Riv regarding the Asked with Riv and Landin podcast, the current events on and an inside look at the show and the hosts - an exclusive feature you can ONLY find on our website.

This week Riv discusses Episode 198 with special guest Ken Shamrock, and why there was no Johnny Landin during the interview.  Also things take a more serious tone as Riv discusses his personal life, and the stress of home, the internal struggles that go on in his head, and the fears for the future.  Riv also takes the time to discuss exactly why he's burnt out of wrestling, and even more burnt out of the concept of social networking, and the burdens of "going it alone" when it comes to the site, the show, his career, real-life problems, and more.  Click below to listen to the audio blog.