Audio Blogs: Riv's Files 005 (February 7th, 2014)

Welcome to Riv's Files 005: personal audio clips about things going on behind the scenes, and extra rants from Riv regarding the Asked with Riv and Landin podcast, the current events on and an inside look at the show and the hosts - an exclusive feature you can ONLY find on our website.


This week Riv talks about Episode 193 and Solo Darling's great energy she brought to the Asked with Riv & Landin podcast - running out of time to talk current events and how wrestling fans need to be more multi-dimensional instead of focusing only on wrestling and his response to people who whine excessively about Valentine's Day.  Riv also discusses the lost relic that was The Landin Report, the over-saturation of Podcasts in recent weeks, George Zimmerman vs. DMX and his interest in commentating the bout, as well as more news and updates regarding all things Asked with Riv and Landin in the coming weeks and his curiosity as to why celebrities are so easily offended by what we say on our show!

Click the player below to listen to Riv's audio blog!