NWA: Fun Athletic Guys Episode 04: '90s Chris Benoit vs. Terry Funk!

Everyone knows the NWA. No, we don't mean "Niggas with Attitude," we mean the National Wrestling Alliance.  It seems like there are more branches of the NWA than there are McDonalds locations across the country and Riv & Landin finally got their claim on the action when they opened up their own branch, NWA F.A.G. - that's not a racial slur; it stands for FUN ATHLETIC GUYS (or Girls). 

NWAFAG TITLE SCREEN with asked logo.png

NWA F.A.G. brings you the worst, the weirdest, and the most "WTF" moments found obscurely on YouTube alongside Riv & Landin's own brand of commentary for the action. This week NWA F.A.G. is traveling through time to bring you a match straight out of 1993 (or 1994 because YouTube can't make up its mind), where Chris Benoit takes on Terry Funk!  These are two legends of wrestling going at it and to sweeten the pot Riv & Landin are joined by Krispin Wah who appears on Asked with Riv And Landin often!  


Be sure to listen to the hilarious antics as we watch this complete and total disaster of a match.  And check back soon because you never know what corpse Riv & Landin will dig up next!  Click below to begin the newest episode of our show!