Jason Rivera Appears on Episode 71 of Trending Mobile Technology!

Earlier this week Riv from Asked with Riv And Landin got to sit down with Piper the DJ of theTrending Topics Network to make a guest appearance on Trending Mobile Technology Episode 70.  Riv had previously appeared on Episode 52 and Episode 70 of the show to talk tech with Piper as well.


This week Piper & Riv discussed the "patent trolls" and their attempts at suing Google, Facebook, privacy concerns, and how it works with or against your mobile technology.  AT&T and their often-unethical business practices, Sprint's bid to attempt to purchase T-Mobile, how big is too big for a cellular phone, how to fix the Android 4.3 smart-stay problem (sort of), and how often times truth in mobile news stories is much stranger than fiction.

To listen to the episode in its entirety click the player below.