NWA Fun Athletic Guys Episode 01: Derrick Bateman (Ethan Carter III) vs All-Pro Leo Gold!

Everyone knows the NWA. No, we don't mean "Niggas with Attitude," we mean the National Wrestling Alliance.  It seems like there are more branches of the NWA than there are McDonalds locations across the country and Riv & Landin finally got their claim on the action when they opened up their own branch, NWA F.A.G. - that's not a racial slur; it stands for FUN ATHLETIC GUYS (or Girls). 

NWAFAG TITLE SCREEN with asked logo.png

NWA F.A.G. brings you the worst, the weirdest, and the most "WTF" moments found obscurely on YouTube alongside Riv & Landin's own brand of commentary for the action.  We figured it would be appropriate to start this journey with the Asked Award Winning Guest, Michael Hutter (a.k.a. Derrick Bateman or Ethan Carter III) taking on a guy who dresses like a football player All-Pro Leo Gold (because we know how much all you weirdos out there love football) at Throwdown 5.  


Hilarious hijinx ensue.  Click below to watch the video and stay tuned for all new episodes of FUN ATHLETIC GUYS (or girls) here on ListenToThisShow.com and on our YouTube channel.