Asked Clips: Riv & Landin discuss ICP vs. The FBI

Recently on episode 189 of Asked with Riv & Landin, Riv & Landin discussed the lawsuit the Insane Clown Posse is filing against the Federal Bureau of Investigations. For those not in the know, ICP's fan base, Juggalos have been labeled and interpreted as a gang to be put on the FBI watch list.  Jason Rivera & Johnny Landin chime in with their opinions and thoughts as to why the ICP being labeled a gang ranks among some of the stupidest things ever done by the government.  Check out the clip below.

I personally felt this clip was important to feature because as things like the NSA and other "surveillance" acts and laws are passed, as an American we are losing rights.  I said in the clip: I'm not as big as Johnny is into ICP's music - nor do I dislike them or their music.  And as an unbiased neutral party, I can say that what the FBI is doing is absurd.  Liking a band should not be considered "gang activity."  The Juggalos shouldn't be put on a "watch list" for enjoying a certain type of music.  I'm sure there are plenty of criminals that listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Justin Bieber, Kurt Cobain, Eminem, Corn, Tupac, Biggie, the theme from Gilligan's Island, whatever - and whether people enjoy ICP or not to label them as a "gang" or criminals is nothing short of slander, and to put them on a "watch list" is impeding on their rights.  

That's one man's opinion - that's my opinion - what the hell do I know, right?  Now let's hear yours.  What do YOU think?  Whether you agree or disagree feel free to leave your comments below, where (hopefully) free speech and expression still exists.