Asked Aftermath - Episode 174


It’s time again for the Asked Aftermath already, where I blog my personal thoughts on who fed it and who ate it in the crazy world of Asked.  Make sure to listen to episode 174 below if you haven’t already:

Obviously the big deal is that we’ve moved to Sundays.  The schedule is going to be hectic for a while and while I usually don’t get concerned about anything, the move isn’t going to be the smoothest transition due to the fact Sunday is such a wreck of a day.  I don’t think we have to worry about religion getting in the way because most people who listen to Asked have conceded to the fact that they are in fact going to hell when they die.  However, Sunday is a busy TV day, a busy football day and once a month (sometimes twice) it is a busy wrestling day and that sadly does cut into our listener base.

Then again our show is downloadable and if you haven’t figured out that you can listen to it after the fact on the CSTC Network or on Mixcloud or on Podomatic or on YouTube or on iTunes you’re probably a moron.  In the ADD generation here-and-now gets somewhat important though and most of you don’t have an attention span at all which is a shame because I think that Johnny and myself have really come into our own with some strong episodes regardless of whether or not we have a guest, regardless of who the guest is, regardless of anything and I think that’s because we have a passion for the things we’re saying.

I mean it’d be nice to get bigger and better, and we want to, but if we wanted to take the fast track to doing so we would become liberal pansies like most of the people who have podcasts and are getting famous for doing very little right now.  The fast track to getting noticed is to pretty much agree with everyone, or to wear skinny girl jeans, or to look like a colossal dweeb.

The fact women find Jimmy Kimmel sexy is a sign of the apocalypse.  We discussed this on the show tonight.

The fact women find Jimmy Kimmel sexy is a sign of the apocalypse.  We discussed this on the show tonight.

Not really sure when guys like Jimmy Kimmel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (whom our guest Justine Llanes outed as being a homosexual by the way) became the “new Hotness” but it’s a disgrace.  We went off on those topics and Johnny Landin was on fire tonight with his problems with just about everyone, including wrestling and wrestling fans who obsess too much over it and expect us to focus more on wrestling and less on, well, everything else.  Landin has been holding back for months trying to play “the game” of being a little more politically correct, a little less offensive.  But after a while there’s only so much of that anyone can do unless they’re a drone like most of the people on Twitter.  I commend him for saying “the hell with it” and standing up for his opinions and thoughts.  Neither of us are here to pander to anyone.  We’re here to be honest and say what’s on our minds.  We’re not “trying too hard” to be edgy.  We’re not trying to “appease” everyone.  If you like what you hear great, if not, well then go fuck yourself.


And speaking of people who can do just that, we found out that a former host decided to pretty much attempt to rip off the old name, format and the whole nine and even directly compete with us on our new time slot.  That’s cute.  It’s also the desperate act of a 35 year old man going through a mid-life crisis that is mad that I wasn’t about to let ANYBODY tell me what to do or be the boss of me, expecting me to say “YES MASSAH, NO MASSAH, EASY ON THE WHIP MASSAH!  YOU’S A GOOD WHITE MASSAH!” But its fine if they get their own show – podcasting is like public access television for the new age.  Still I find it funny that this all stemmed from making a few jokes at their expense on the show a few times.  Comedy is SERIOUS BUSINESS.  How does that work?


The finale could have been 90 minutes of these two jerking each other off and you still would have gotten excited over it.

The finale could have been 90 minutes of these two jerking each other off and you still would have gotten excited over it.

I’m sure everyone drooling over the series finale of Breaking Bad put a dent in us tonight even though the show was over by the time ours began.  People are sitting there orgasming to the ending like they’ve just seen Jesus.  I don’t get it.  Much like Grand Theft Auto V getting over-hyped I don’t understand the hype for anything.  We had a lot to say about that as well on the show tonight.


And of course there was our special guest, Justine Llanes.  I liked Justine’s opinions and approach to the show – they were varied from mine and Johnny at times but entertaining.  I like having the occasional third chair (Krispin Wah doesn’t count because ghosts do not inhabit chairs), despite the fact a full time third chair has proven time and time again to not work.  Justine was fun and most importantly opinionated.  She didn’t spend time saying “Umm” or sitting in total awkward silence after being asked something.  She’s quick on the wit and that’s what I like in anyone who is a guest or who calls into the show.  Even though it was a stressful first show on a new night, I’m staying optimistic and hoping people will continue to support us and that the difference a day makes isn’t all that much.