Asked Aftermath - Episode 173


So it’s time for another Asked Aftermath to sum up what this episode was about and my thoughts on it without giving away too much – the point of these is to be a supplement to the episodes we do, not a substitute.  If you read this but didn’t listen to the episode not only are you missing out but you’re stupid… unless you have no ears which in that case I Just feel like a dick for insulting you (but not really because it’s not my fault you don’t have ears you weirdo).  For your convenience it is located below, already embedded for you to hear:


Bread Foster was the guest on Asked tonight and unlike most guests who either join in the middle of the show or come on towards the end, he opened the show.  I really liked having Bread on Asked as I haven’t been fortunate enough to see his act in person (Bread primarily operates out of New York/New Jersey), but from what I’ve seen of him online via social networking, he’s great. 

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Bread was once known as ProSexTips on Twitter and was one of the first accounts that I followed to make me laugh.  Unlike those 100 HangoverQuotes accounts that bore the crap out of me, Bread is actually amusing.  He didn’t disappoint on Asked and he was a lot of fun and you have to listen to his act.  He’s crazy like us.


After Bread got done making my sides hurt from laughing, Johnny Landin had a moment to discuss his personal issues with a former guest on this show Ashley Miller.  The two apparently had a falling out and Johnny aired his grievances and left nothing out.  While it isn’t what I would have done personally, I understand it and Landin has every reason in the world to vent his frustrations because it is one harsh betrayal.  I don’t have personal problems with Ashley but Johnny is my friend and I support my friends and it’s a shame it came to that.  We also had a weird Indian guy call in and curse Landin out for talking to his girlfriend via the Tinder cellular phone app.  I shall dub him the “Tinder Terrorist.”  He did have a name but I can’t remember it and it probably didn’t have any vowels in it anyway.

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Apparently the girl who listened to the show got offended towards Landin for being a party to the segment.  What annoys me is that there are people who expect us to be apologetic and neutered on the show we have done every week for over a year now (in my case 3 years, but the show really picked up with Landin and I working together on the show).  I think Landin and I are just being ourselves with the volume turned up to the max so if someone is seriously going to get offended about something we say or do on the show, they aren’t someone either of us should really be friends with.  It’s entertainment and sometimes entertainment is controversial.  Sometimes it’s offensive to some people.  You can’t entertain everyone at once, and being that the unwashed masses sicken me, I really wouldn’t want to.  To the girl that got angry at Landin for a segment on the show:  It’s your loss.

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We also talked more Grand Theft Auto V, such as a kid who threw a tantrum and got banned from playing video games by a court judge, and we also discussed the appearance of male nudity in the game and if all the censors will go crazy over it once they see it.  You’ll have to listen to the show to hear our opinions on all of this, obviously.

The big news in the show however came from the fact we are in fact moving to Sunday nights to accommodate Johnny’s job schedule, and we will remain Sunday nights at 10 PM EST for the remainder of the year.  On some nights we will be at 5 PM EST to accommodate the fact many of our fans watch wrestling and we realize going head-to-head with Pay-Per-Views isn’t good for our audience.  We realize Sunday is still going to be rough with all the popular television shows and with football season being in full swing but as much as I love the show we don’t make a living doing this.  So unless you guys want to give us enough money to quit our day jobs it’s gotta be what it’s gotta be.  We hope you’ll continue to listen to Asked, and we hope you’ll continue to download the show if you can’t be there live for whatever reason.  We also hope the new live times will help some people who enjoy the show but previously were unable to be a part of it live and we’re excited for the move.  I just want to thank all of you for supporting us and those of you who enjoy what we do, and don’t get easily butt-hurt every time we say something you don’t necessarily agree with.  It’s nice to know some people still have loyalty in the world!