Asked Aftermath - Episode 172

Welcome to the Asked Aftermath.  Just like most features on this site this is a test-run deal.  I’m not going to write things that nobody is going to read or pay attention to so if you like this article, click the “like” button at the end of the page, comment on it, share it, etc.  The more positive feedback I get the more I know I’m doing it right but the gist of it is that the Asked Aftermath blog will be something I (or Johnny if he ever feels like taking a shot at it) do to gather our thoughts on the events that transpired during Asked - consider it a summary – but along with some expanded thoughts, and a few reference links regarding some of the subjects we spoke about on the show.  This is basically a companion piece for anybody that has already listened to the latest episode of Asked (Episode 172).  If you haven’t, the embedded player is below, so be sure to listen to it before proceeding forward.

Landin was late, probably taking a dump again.  For those who don’t know Landin tends to take dumps before the show and I take multiple pees before the show.  When you’re sitting around (or pacing around the room while wearing a wireless headset like I do) doing a show for 90 minutes to 2 hours its best to empty your bladder first.  We went into discussion about iOS 7 and how it doesn’t really matter one way or the other to the average iPhone user in the grand scheme of things because none of you really need a new operating system to do what you are already doing, which is taking stupid pictures on Instragram and snapchatting pointless nonsense to people.


See this?  This is the average Snapchat which I receive on a daily basis.  It is utterly pointless due to the fact I don’t have a foot fetish.  What am I looking at?  Shoes?  I’d rather see breasts or a nice ass or something.  This Snapchat was not taken on iOS 7.  When iOS 7 comes out, people will continue to send awful, pointless Snapchats.  Your phone experience is not made better in any way shape or form because you downloaded an operating system.


We go on to discuss Grand Theft Auto V and the ridiculousness about the hype train.  And believe me there is tons.  I didn’t think anything would make me want Sunday night to get here so that people would tweet about football instead but GTA V over-hype does it for me.  I don’t even hate the Grand Theft Auto games (although IV was an overrated, steaming pile of garbage) – but all of the hype makes me lose any interest or enthusiasm I might have to play the game.  I am sure that it’s not a bad game at all, but people not shutting up about it 24/7 makes me want to unfollow each and every single humanoid I am following on Twitter.  I know Johnny was considering doing it.  He has a conscience that has prevented him from doing so.  Chris Benoit is slacking.  We are above these people.  Speaking of unfollowing, Ashley Miller unfollowed me this week (presumably for the fact I favorite so many pictures of women’s bums).  This is fifty times worse than Miley Cyrus unfollowing Liam Hemsworth.  I cried while Careless Whisper played in the background.  I’m never going to dance again, Ashley!  You hear me?!?  Never!  I still wished her happy birthday, though.  The episode of Asked which she did with us is still one of my all-time favorite episodes.  I have nothing bad to say about her… 


 …but I’m still going to Brazzers-ize her skydiving photo because “that’s just what I do.” That guy legit looks like a Brazzers guy, too. I still love you though, Ashley Miller.  You still in my fave five!  However, I’ll tell you who is not in my fave five… some of those god awful NXT promo skills segments that were leaked on the Internet during the week.  We had special caller Phil DeMott on the line and asked him what the hell he was thinking when he signed off on promos for Baron Corbin, Jake Carter, Lana, and Malik whatever-his-name-is respectively.  I was going to link them but they all got turned to “private” by whoever leaked the files on YouTube.  Anyway moving on we had our first guest, Tom from Ringside Collectibles (@TSFive).  We had a few questions and he and Landin mostly discussed wrestling collectibles, something that Landin once had an enormous collection of.  Krispin also arrived late after we said his name 3 times.  I thought that only worked in Beetlejuice.  I somewhat feel like I screwed that up and should have boasted more about my multiple underwear-less Stephanie McMahon action figures, and asking if it’s bad form to open a Kamala figure to amputate it’s leg.  I was slacking but mostly because I wanted to make sure our next guests were all good to go for their segment up next.

Before going to our next guests we got back on GTA V for a second and the “Grand Theft Idiots” that got caught impersonating police officers on Staten Island.  You can read more about these morons on - I don’t know if we were more concerned that these guys dishonored the badge and the uniform to do something as petty as cut in line at the mall to buy a video game early or the fact that literally everyone from Staten Island has the exact same haircut.


Seriously, it’s like these guys could make a living being half-retarded, out-of-shape, circus fun house Johnny Landin cosplayers.  It’s almost like Staten Islandinian is a “sub-species” of humans.  Creepy, man.  Creepy.


Our next guests were The Yung Moolies (@TheMoolies) not to be confused with the “Pennsylvania Moolies” that had taken over Johnny Landin’s house or the Old Moolies, which I believe were the team of Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac in Soul Men.


I think the Yung Moolies were actually more enjoyable than the other aforementioned Moolies, and way more enjoyable than our previous hip-hop guest, The Masked Rapper – in fact the Yung Moolies even joined in on the mockery of the Masked Rapper and enjoyed giving pointers on how he could maybe become better at what he does.  These guys were good sports and class acts who didn’t take us seriously and seemed to enjoy the way we do things on the show.  Great guys so check them out on Twitter and also if you’re interested check out their YouTube video below. 

Getting on with Current Events we talked about many events in the news that were just flat-out weird.  We had a Florida man arrested for throwing chicken at his wife, a creepy British guy impersonating Justin Bieber to get nudes from teenage girls and the sad story of a 12 year old girl who killed herself due to bullying that would probably still be alive if her parents bothered to do something other than let the Internet raise their child.  We talk about a lot of intense stuff in the news and throw our opinions out there and while we’re usually being funny we also weigh in with some serious thought-provoking opinions now and then.  Sometimes, anyway.  Click on any of the links for some supplemental reading, and weigh in with your thoughts on anything we discussed on the show in the comments section at the end of this page.  

Sprite 21.png

Probably the biggest idiot of the night, however, had to be Will Smith’s son Jaden who decided that he hadn’t unleashed enough stupidity by remaking the Karate Kid in his image but also attempted to encourage people to drop out of school.

Big Apple - 3 a.m.!!!

Big Apple - 3 a.m.!!!

 Johnny Landin is right – this kid whose balls haven’t even dropped yet has no right to speak like he knows what he is talking about.  And I agree.  Why should anyone listen to this atrocious little worm who sits there running around looking like Baxter Stockman the Fly from the Ninja Turtles cartoon about education?  Jaden is an idiot, and he doesn’t need to go to school because his father wipes his ass with $50 bills all day.  But to the working class youth who doesn’t have millions and millions of dollars simply for existing they’re going to need to get an education and make something of themselves.  Don’t listen to Earthworm Jim over here and do something with your lives.  This kid is well on his way to being another mistake just like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and other young people who have too much money and too big of a coke habit.  Anyway, enough about stupidity, we had more important matters to try to finish up the show with like Johnny Landin meeting a girl named Sara Lee on Tinder.


This already won’t work because Johnny Landin and cake do not mix.  And while Sara Lee did not seem to like the line of questioning which Krispin Wah and I went about, her friend Stephanie seemed a good sport about it.  Ultimately however the Asked Universe will decide whether Sara Lee gains employment with the Johnny Landin Brand.  She does have some nice big naturals from what I have seen.  I hope Johnny at least gets some Baseball Cards.  Anyway it was an interesting episode of Asked to say the least and we covered a lot of ground but we want to hear your thoughts, your opinions – on anything we discussed during the show.  So if you liked this episode of Asked, comment here in this blog and let your voice be heard.  Also while you’re at it keep us on the air by throwing donations our way.  We like money.