The End of One Era, The Beginning of Another

So the day I never thought I would see is here: as it was once known is no more.  A part of me is pretty sad.  I've thrown 12 years into and I've made a lot of great contacts, met a lot of great people, fought a lot of bad people.  I've been through ups, downs, in-betweens.  To say changed my life is an understatement.  Some of the things that came into my life as a result of the site were nothing short of amazing.  Other things, not so much.  That's life in a nutshell for you.  Regardless, today I say goodbye to my personal site.

But the adventure of being the Huge Internet Superstar that I am is far from over.  There's another side of me that breathes a sigh of relief, because truth be told no longer suited my needs as was evident by the complete lack of updates.  It's 2013. You don't use a Motorola RAZR; you use a Smart Phone.  The Internet has changed.  The game has changed.  I would be an idiot to keep living in 2003 with the same design, trying to do the same things.  Writing will always be my passion, always be my first-and-foremost.  One day if I could stop being lazy (or maybe it's "start being lazy" since real life gets in the way) I still would love to find the time to write a novel and apply myself.

Unfortunately less people read these days.  That's one of the snags I ran into in the final days of and I'm not going to lie that's a big reason why I branched out into Podcasting.  This new site, this new blog, more focused on the Asked podcast which I do on Wednesdays with Johnny Landin is more suitable to my needs.  I can push the show and I can also write when I need to.  I can share YouTube videos when I need to.  It won't be bogged down with a bunch of sad little sections that haven't seen any action (videogame reviews, anyone?), or writers that contribute to that don't actually bother to write anything!  Still, despite nobody writing anything in a long time, I want to thank everybody who was a part of, forums, and all of my various projects.  I want to thank the people that stood by me when I hit dark days and didn't know if I was going to make it out of them (actually there are still a few dark days ahead).  I want to thank all of you who continue to support me and those who just recently started.  And while its tough to see it go, let's face it... does anyone really need a staring contest with Chyna's vagina?  I hope those of you who enjoyed what I do will continue to follow me on Twitter, contribute to the Asked podcast, contribute to the blogs and posts myself, Johnny, and maybe a few others make on this site, and continue to be awesome but if you can't or you don't, well then... screw you.