Landin & Riv Crash the Divas Lounge!


Riv and Landin made a special appearance upon request on's Diva Lounge program this past week.  What the hosts of the show, Lady B. & Nani, thought was going to be an intelligent discussion about WWE Monday Night RAW, Night of Champions and the retirement of Jim Ross turned into Johnny Landin farting into a microphone, Riv making jokes about Kim Jong-Un, discussion about Alberto Del Rio's orgasm face and what a cheap Jew Raven is, Landin's falling out of love with Kaitlyn and Audrey Marie, and at least one random mention of Steve Blackman for no apparent reason as the Diva Lounge learned the true meaning of Friday the 13th on this special episode of their program which you can listen to below.

Also make sure to follow the hosts of the show @LadyBfromNYC and @MuppHits.  We are pretty sure they never want us back on their program ever again.  Oh well, it won't be the first time Landin and Riv got banned from something.