The 2013 Asked Awards: Winners List

The 2013 Asked Awards were last week and an incredible way to close out the last episode of the show for the year.  "Episode 187" was appropriate because many of the "old guard" got killed off on the show during our awards show.  Here's a list of winners along with a few links so that you can once again listen to the Asked Awards on demand:

The Asked Awards Pre-Show with Special Guest Host Frank The WWE Clown!

Patrice Wilson won the Flake of the Year award, defeating Bizzare, Johnny Candido, and Vito.


Luke Hudson won the Best Kaitlyn Stalker award, defeating Celesteboninfan, CelesteNumber1, and Mr. Kaitlynfan


Audrey Marie (Ashley Miller) won the Best Failed Johnny Landin Love Interest Award, defeating Chrissy Rivera, Seleziya Sparx, and Tinder Girl.


Suresh & Naresh's Voicemail for Derrick Bateman (Michael Hutter/Ethan Carter III) won the Best Desperate Voicemail Award, defeating Fake Dolph Ziggler for Nikki Bella, Crying Indian Kid for Lizzy Rainbow, and Luke Hudson for Audrey Marie.


Mercedes Justine won the Best Indian Award, defeating Suresh, Naresh, and Srinu.


Luke Hudson Circa June 2013 won the Best Handlebar Mustache Award, defeating Luke Hudson circa January 2013, Luke Hudson circa March 2013, and Luke Hudson circa July 2013.


EdWood won the Best Filibuster Award, defeating Brian Roth, Joe Mastronardo, and Sassy Stephie.


Brian Roth Quitting Asked won the Dumbest Business Decision Award, defeating Riv & Landin allowing 4 hosts on the air at a time, Johnny Landin moving to Florida, and Seleziya Sparx getting the Skrillex Haircut.


Damien Darling won the Repeat Offender Award, for appearing on the show a total of  times this year.


Morgan James won the Employee of the Year Award for Audio & Impressions, defeating Jon Colon (job unspecified), John Bazman (YouTube & Interviews Coordinator), and Johnny Clash (graphics).


Johnny Landin's shitty Microphone from January to June 2013 won the Award For Worst Audio Quality, defeating Ashlynn's robot-voice headset, Glenn's wind-tunnel reception, and Seleziya's horrible Canadian Internet Skype connection.


Michael Hutter won the Best Krispin Wah Moment Award for his Awkward Moment on the air with Krispin, defeating Krispin's discussion with Sarah Starr about My Little Pony, Krispin strangling FandangoMark on the air, and Krispin talking to Jasmin St. Claire about the upcoming movie about his life (and sticking fingers up a man's ass).


Konnan dissing Curtis Axel won the Best Diss Award, defeating Ethan Page trash-talking his AIW opponents (and his manager Seleziya), Seleziya Sparx dissing Kevin Gill, and Johnny Landin dissing Johnny Gargano.


The Masked Rapper won the Worst Guest of the Year Award, defeating Jason Sensation, Crazy Mary Dobson, and Jasmin St. Claire.


That rounds out the pre-show awards, and then we moved onto the main Asked Awards episode of the show which you can click on the YouTube video below to listen.

Michael Hutter (Ethan Carter III) won the Defining Moment of 2013 Award for his appearances on the show, defeating Riv & Landin calling hookers on the air, Glenn and Ashlynn quitting the show, and Konnan's interview episode.  The award was accepted by Count Freddy because Michael Hutter could not be with us tonight.


Valentino Sparx won the Who the Fuck Is This Guy Award, defeating the Masked Rapper, the Yung Moolies, and Nick Gilronan (Small Penis Guy).


Seleziya Sparx won the Best Breakout Star of 2013, defeating Ethan Page, Barbi Hayden, and Luke Hudson.


Mr. Mishimoto won the Crazy Caller of the Year Award, defeating the Crazed CM Punk Fan Girl, the Evil Make A Wish Kid, and Doug Phillips, the creepy foot fetishist. 


Brian Roth's "Happy Hodgenick" won the Best Catchphrase Award, defeating Riv's "exactly," Johnny Landin's "burp," and Krispin Wah's "good evening, how is everyone doing tonight?"


Luke Hudson calling every CSTC Network Program looking for Riv won the award for Best Luke Hudson Call, defeating Luke calls LordsOfPain about Riv & Landin, Luke calls a black podcast and cries about Kaitlyn and Luke calls Audrey Marie asking for Kaitlyn.


Mecca Dunlap won the Most Racist Moment Award for the time Riv & Landin sold her on the air, defeating Luke Hudson calling Trayvon Martin a "nigger," Jerry White's Country Music Hits Commercial, and Riv & Landin call an exterminator to get rid of the moolie infestation in Landin's house.


Jerry White's "It's Hard to be White" won the Best Musical Performance Award, defeating Glenn's "Asked Rap," Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak's) "Welcome to My World," Suresh's rendition of "Careless Whisper," Grammy Award Winning Contributing Artist Whitney Peyton's "Ferris Wheel" and Slow Kid sings for Sassy Stephie live on the air.


Luke Hudson (Australia) won the Best International Caller Award, defeating Barrettunga (England), AH Walker (England), Adam Pearson (England), Norhane Samy (Egypt) and Marc J Wallace (Scotland).


Alice Radley of and  won the Best Guest Co-Host Award, defeating Bread Foster, Justine Llanes, and Jay Tesoro.


Random Dead Brazilian Soccer Players & Soccer Officials won the Best "Worst Death" Award, defeating Riv running over a cat, Johnny Landin's ex-girlfriend dying of a drug overdose, and Brian Roth dying of dengue fever.


Glenn and Damien Darling won the Best Fight Award, defeating Brian Roth & Ashlynn, Count Freddy & Michael Hutter, and Riv & Landin vs. Indian Guy.


Vinicius Felipe won the Best Chris Benoit Tribute Song Award for Funk Du Benoitao, defeating ICP, Ice Cube, & Scarface's Chris Benoit song, K-Nite 13's Chris Benoit song, and Alcatrazz's Chris Benoit Song.


Riv & Mercedes Justine won the Best Love Connection Award, defeating Landin & Barbi Hayden, Landin & Tinder Girl, and Count Freddy & Sassy Stephie


Bread Foster and Burger King won the Best Product Placement Award, defeating Michael Hutter ordering a Wendy's Baconator on the air, Landin and Alice Radley plugging PB2, and Riv & Landin discussing the side-effects of Oxy Elite Pro.


Doron the Minion of & won the Most Frequently Nude Guest Award, defeating Jasmin St. Claire, Jacky Joy, and Sarah Starr.


Johnny Landin Comes Out of the Closet won the Shocking Moment Award, Joe Mastronardo's Anti-Gay Rant, Riv mocking Paul Walker's death, and Johnny Landin can't get it up (erectile dysfunction).


The Rev Bob Levy won the Please Come Back Award, defeating Jacky Joy, Audrey Marie (Ashley Miller), and Angelina Pivarnick


Jay Tesoro won the Best Impression 2013 Award for his impersonations of Norm MacDonald, Andrew Dice Clay, Bigfoot, Elliot Offen, and more, defeating Jason Sensation as Chris Benoit and Vince McMahon, Morgan James as Santa Claus, a priest, and various other voices on the show, and Mercedes Justine as AJ Lee.


Krispin Wah won the Best Third Chair Award, defeating Glenn, Mecca, and Brian Roth.


Riv, Riv's Dad and a Can of Febreze won the Best Domestic Violence Story Award, defeating DT Porter murdering his girlfriend, the black guy who beat up his girlfriend for wanting a threesome, and Jasmin St. Claire and the Blue Meanie.


Johnny Landin and Audrey Marie (Ashley Miller) in Cuddleslam 2 won the Best Angle Award, defeating the Miracle Boys Saga, The Luke Hudson Saga, and Damien Darling/Riv/Krispin vs. Tammy Sytch (Sunny) .


Barbi Hayden & Samantha Anne won the Hottest Babe 2013 Award together when both tied with 26% of the vote.  The other women involved were Shazza McKenzie with 1%, Angelina Pivarnick with 2%, Crazy Mary Dobson with 2%, Jacky Joy with 3%, Sassy Stephie with 3%, Whitney Peyton with 3%, Jasmin St. Claire with 5%, Mercedes Justine with 5%, Sarah Starr with 5%, Audrey Marie with 5%, and Seleziya Sparx with 12%, 


Konnan won the Guest of the Year 2013 Award, defeating Michael Hutter (Ethan Carter III), The Rev Bob Levy, and Angelina Pivarnick.


So who took home the most awards?  Here is the Leader Board for the Most Wins:

1. Luke Hudson (4 awards)
2. Jason Rivera (3 awards)
3. Johnny Landin (3 awards)
4. Michael Hutter (3 awards)
5. Brian Roth (2 awards)
6. Damien Darling (2 awards)
7. Konnan (2 awards)
8. Krispin Wah (2 awards)
9. Mercedes Justine (2 awards)

A congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who has been involved with our show this year for making it a great 2013!  We promise an even bigger and even crazier show coming in the new year!