The Riverse Roast of Jason Rivera!

This past Wednesday, November 27th was the 33rd birthday of Asked with Riv & Landin co-host Jason Rivera and so rather than go out and have a social life and party it up, Riv, saddled with a birthday stuck on the Eve of Thanksgiving, decided to host the “Riverse Roast” – a birthday bashing of everyone and everything with a stroll down memory lane of some of the meanest things Riv has ever done to people who crossed him.  With guest appearances by former co-hosts Glenn and EdWood, appearances by Johnny Landin, the CSTC Network’s Ben Gordon, and CrankyRiv/The Crust as well as a cameo by Doron the Minion (who was a guest on episode 181 of Asked) this was a bit of a teaser show just for people to get used to the fact we’re back on Wednesdays and the madness will continue on.

NOTE:  This is not an episode of Asked with Riv and Landin and falls outside of the continuity of the episodes of the show.  As such, don’t expect the same atmosphere.  This is a drunken Hispanic person making rude comments about things and you should brace yourself for that fact.  Also if you’d like to pick Riv up a birthday gift you can locate his Amazon Wishlist HERE.  Johnny Landin has promised belated birthday surprises for Riv on Asked Episode 184, and you’ll have to tune in to find out what exactly that means!