Asked Aftermath: Episode 183

It’s time to do this Asked Aftermath thing for last week’s episode of the show, Episode 183 – you know the drill – it’s time for you to get caught up so click here and download the entire episode. The rest of this post includes my feedback and thoughts on the episode and what is upcoming.  You’re probably wondering first-off what happened to the idea of an Asked Rewind, and with apologizes to Brian Delgado, who does great work and is a loyal listener and friend of the show, Landin and I decided it might be just a bit confusing to listeners to have a show plus an after-show – at least right now at this point in time.  We’re not ruling the idea entirely out yet, as much as we have to get ourselves situated back on Wednesdays and the timing has to be right.  Regardless still give a follow on Twitter to our buddy Brian at @JetSetRadioDJ.  Now on with my thoughts. If you want easy access to this episode click the player below.

Asked 183 featured Jay Tesoro, comedian and impressionist best known for his work on the Howard Stern Show and his impersonations of Bigfoot,  Jay was quite an experience on the air to work with – listening to him work in real time the man is very talented, and whether it was his Andrew Dice Clay impression or his Norm McDonald impression, both of which he used prominently on this episode, they were brilliant but Jay Tesoro himself is also a great talent to work with.  We did some of our standard news and current events and Jay’s brand of humor and take on what we were being asked by listeners on the show fit in very well with us and I was glad to have him on because he is a natural at it, and he simply gets it.  If there’s a guy that I definitely hands-down want back on the show to do third chair with us, Jay Tesoro is the man.  Be sure to check him out on and also follow him on Twitter at @JayTesoro.  He’s truly one of our most amusing guests.


Speaking of amusing, Johnny Landin has debuted a new segment of his own, giving workout advice to the masses because the masses are in need of it seeing as it is holiday season and people are about to pig out on unhealthy food and gain even MORE mass than they need to have.  I like the no-punches-pulled approach Johnny has to fitness with people.  As a society we’ve become so soft, and I don’t mean physically – I mean mentally.  Some people would say that you have to use “positive energy” and “always be nice” and that there “are no losers.”  Nope.  Landin is just going to tell you that you’re a fat slob and that’s what is missing in the world: someone to be brutally honest when you need them to be.  If you’re looking for advice that isn’t going to patronize you or attempt to make you sound like you’re doing well when you aren’t, Landin’s the one to talk to.  I for one am interested to see what comes of this segment.  I think probably one thing that really put me in a great mindset for this show is knowing that we’re finally off the island and headed back to Wednesday nights which is a much better, more interesting spot for when we do the show live with less competition from Sunday night television and sports games and better opportunities for exposure.

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Our guest for Asked this coming week will be Kevin Gill – the voice of Juggalo Championship Wrestling – a guy who much like us pulls no punches and speaks no bullshit so I think it will be interesting to have him on the air.  Also Johnny has mentioned having some belated birthday surprises in store for me, which I am dreading because knowing Johnny this can’t possibly be good.  You’ll just have to listen to this show and find out what he’s got planned so be sure to do that Wednesday night at 10 PM EST!