Asked Presents the Employee of the Month (October)

The October Asked employee of the month has to go to a man Johnny and I have known for many, many years, thus sort of making him the 1st Asked employee, the “Howard Finkel” of Asked with Riv and Landin, one Mr. John Bazman (Twitter handle @RealJohnW).  I’ve known Baz since the days of LethalWrestling and RandomWrestling and he’s been on my forums for years, taking the local mafia game too seriously, and establishing long-lasting real-life vendettas over being killed.  Also Baz is the “one guy on earth who would buy a TNA Gunner t-shirt and proudly wear it.”



Baz is not pictured and requested we use a photo of Franklin Clinton from Grand Theft Auto V being named Employee of the Month which is ironic since Baz does not like black people. 

Actual quote from John Bazman when GTA V was in development: "I really don't want to have to play as the black guy."

Actual quote from John Bazman when GTA V was in development: "I really don't want to have to play as the black guy."

 Despite being the biggest bigot since Archie Bunker somehow Baz associates with two Puerto Rican guys.  He keeps telling Johnny and I that it’s because we “came here the right way” (whatever that means).  Of course he did manage to read cue cards talking about what a douche I was on the very rare-find “The Birthday Roast of Jason Rivera” available on the archives of The Trending Topics Network.  Okay, let’s be honest.  We keep Baz around because he makes Johnny Landin look taller in comparison.  But Baz’s finest Asked hour is probably the time he called Asked and began laughing loudly when I was reading a story about five guys committing a gangrape in India to which Ashlynn, who was co-hosting at the time responded with a resounding “THAT ISN’T FUNNY.”

When Baz isn’t telling Johnny Landin via AIM he wants to stick his entire arm up Maryse Oulett’s ass, or touting the brilliant diabolical plans of “bringing a fart machine” into the worst neighborhoods of Chicago… …Baz is playing Grand Theft Auto V on Playstation 3 (click the links to be like Baz and buy yourself a game and a system).  But when he’s not doing that either he’s the guy backtracking through old episodes of Asked, cutting clips for our YouTube Channel, and doing the dirt for the show, as well as a consultant when it comes to contacting guests to be on Asked, following up with them while Landin works double shifts, and while I play dodgeball with Febreeze cans thrown at me by my father.

Anyway, this is our shout-out and our thank you to Baz for bringing us many years of assistance and service.  Stay tuned for the reveal of November’s Asked employee of the month – although we don’t pay these people so it’s probably more akin to slavery than anything else.  Now get your “yes massa” ass on back to work. - Finding the pieces... without the Puzzle