Riv & Landin Appear on the Rational Wrestling Review Survivor Series Episode!

Those of you who listen to us every week by now have become accustomed to our friend and associate Alice Radley who has survived the dreaded "third chair" in both Episode 179 of the show and once again after our interview with the Minion on Episode 181.  We always have a good time as Alice and myself read scary wrestling fanfics together from creepy wrestling fans and answer all sorts of news and current events with Johnny Landin and I.  Alice also brings us the "Asked 411" regularly on our program and by now you should know that Alice is the host of both Group Therapy for the MLW VIP section and her weekly wrestling program the Rational Wrestling Review on RWRPodcast.com - we were honored to appear with Alice on a special post-Survivor Series wrap-up episode of the RWR Podcast.


Survivor Series was a bit rough but the three of us endured and did a show filled with commentary, jokes, wisecracks, and burials of pretty much everyone in our own unique and tasteful way.  It's always a pleasure to work with Alice on the air and you can listen to the episode in its entirety below.

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