Asked Aftermath - Episodes 178 & 179

It’s been late in coming with my weekly Asked Aftermath blog but with two episodes this week as opposed to the usual one, and needing time to think and reflect on it all, it is within good reason.  This week was a banner week for Asked with Riv and Landin and we want to thank all of you who have given us positive feedback, reviews, comments, etc.   It’s always good to hear what you liked and even what you didn’t.  Johnny and I put a lot of effort into trying to put on a great show and have a lot of fun doing just that.  If you haven’t checked out Episode 178 with Konnan here’s a chance to do so, click on the player below:

This was a really important episode for us – Konnan, who is well known in the wrestling world as a former competitor in the WWE, WCW, TNA, all over the world and prominent in Mexico – he really needs no introduction and being that he is the host of his own show, the MLW Podcast he didn’t even really need the exposure or interview but he still came on our show and was a class act.  It means a lot to work with great people like Konnan and I personally learn a lot on shows like the one we did with Konnan – working with the likes of Konnan, working with the likes of Reverend Bob Levy who appeared on the show, these are experienced guys in the world of entertainment who have lived it, have done it all – they pull no punches, they’re from a time where the world was strictly no-bullshit.  They tell it like it is, and they have a lot of knowledge to impart.  Any time I work with the likes of someone on that level I try to learn as much as I can so I can take some of that knowledge and improve my own game so it is always an honor to work with such talents and I want to thank Konnan for being a part of the show, giving us that exposure, and even a little advice on how to be better Latinos for the very white sounding “Riv and Landin.”  On top of that we got a lot of media attention due to comments Konnan made regarding current WWE Superstar Curtis Axel (aka Joe Hennig or Michael McGillicutty), and comments made about the notorious Tammy Sytch/Sunny (who is no stranger to Asked, seeing as she was once romantically linked to a friend of the shows, professional wrestling superstar Damien Darling, and also because she makes fat people pay to grope her).

We followed up with a bonus episode on Wednesday morning with another host of MLW, also the host of her Rational Wrestling Review podcast and contributor to our show with the Asked 411, Alice Radley and I felt like we were still riding the high from the previous episode (click below for the bonus episode, 179):

Knowledge is nothing if you don’t apply it and this was the first episode after Konnan’s appearance so it was a good time for me to use what I’ve learned and make myself better.  I don’t think we disappointed at all as we talked a little wrestling, some news, current events, crazy stories, video games, television, the return of Luke Hudson, and even a little dating advice – possibly the most fun of all had to come from myself and Alice reading the lines of a ridiculous fan fiction written by a girl who might possibly be stalking WWE wrestler & ring announcer & manager Ricardo Rodriguez.  It’s been my life’s goal to have a reason to say the words “coochie coochie coo” on the air and thanks to the fan fiction I was able to accomplish that goal, so thank you horrible fan fiction writers everywhere for making that possible.


This week we have another guest coming up, Jasmin St. Claire.  A lot of you ask how we manage to pick up so many guests and the answer lies with Johnny Landin.  A lot of you have no idea how much time, effort and energy Johnny puts into this show and I think sometimes it is under-sold by people who don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.  The reason the show is now “Asked with Riv and Landin” is because that’s the combination that makes this place work, and that’s because we have experience pre-dating podcasting.

Sprite 7.jpg

The above is a standard conversation between myself and Johnny from like 2011 before he even did the show.  Seriously every conversation we’ve had since 2004 sounds like an episode of Asked except for the time I told Landin not to bang that girl who looked like a duck because she’s retarded and he turned on me like when Colossus joined Magneto in the X-Men comics.

When the hell did Magneto turn into Kenny Rogers?

When the hell did Magneto turn into Kenny Rogers?

With all due respect Magneto is probably a better lay than that chick would have been.  He dresses nicer, too.

When EdWood had to step away from the show, Johnny was a natural choice to fill the role once his schedule permitted and he’s given a lot to the show ever since.  He comes up with at least six new ideas of who he wants on and what we can do a day.  I might do the technical work and run the sound boards and that whole drill but Johnny has a way with people I don’t have mainly because I rub people the wrong way.  Hell, most of you reading this now HATED me before you knew me and I grew on you like fungus or like an incurable STD.  Johnny is the opposite.  People like him… until he speaks his mind.  Then he offends them and they cry about it because they expected him to be a liberal crybaby type like most of the people of today.  Unfortunately for the simpletons we’re both more like Konnan (the official Spirit Latino of the Asked Podcast) in the fact we’re brutally honest and don’t care who really gets angry about that.  We realize a lot of people have podcasts now – we’ve both said the market is oversaturated with podcasts and it’s the new Public Access Television.  I mean how can we ever compete with a Podcast that tells us how great the state of Montana is for fossil hunting?

Pretty sure the dumps I take are better than the entire state of Montana and anybody in it.

Pretty sure the dumps I take are better than the entire state of Montana and anybody in it.

But I am confident in the fact we bring you things that are crazy, innovative and fun – and definitely better than listening to (or even living in) the state of Montana.  Behind the scenes there is a lot of work that goes into this show every single week – a lot of people always thinking three steps ahead of what they want to bring to the table and how to make it a reality.  I’m running technical aspects, Landin is figuring out the guests, Bazman is cutting clips for YouTube, Morgan is coming up with new and creative segments, Lindsey is writing Asked with Riv and Landin on her breasts to advertise us, Jon-Eric is… …


HANGING OUT WITH EWOKS?  BACK TO WORK, COLON.  In all seriousness a lot of people help with the show, and I’m thankful for that.  I’m also very thankful for those who drop a few dollars our way via the donation page to keep the site running and the show on iTunes.  It helps take a weight off our shoulders so we can focus more on putting on a great show every month so anything you throw our way in that regard is appreciated – special thanks to J Harringer & Brian Delgado and the rest of the boys at Con Edison who have helped us tremendously here in the early stages of our site.  It means a lot and I hope we keep entertaining you every week.