Asked Aftermath - Episode 181

What a crazy guest we had this time.  You know the drill – click below if you haven’t listened to the episode and get caught up with the episode you missed. Our guest this week?  Doron the Minion, affiliated with the Dogfart Network.

For those who don’t know the Minion, if you’re 18+ you need to check out – the existence of the Minion was made known to me when someone sent me a photo of a man (the Minion) from an adult video with adult star Ashley Jordan where he was eating cans of corn WHILE having sex with her.  From the moment I saw the photo my reaction wasn’t shock, or awe, or horror it was “if I can’t get this guy on my show I have failed as a podcast host.”


I think the Minion was one of the most sincere, down to earth, humble people we actually had the privilege of having on our show. He’s a good sport about all of the things people on the Internet say and he takes it with a grain of salt.  He’s a classy guy and a gentleman which is interesting because I am sure a lot of people judge a book by its cover.  They see this guy and he does adult videos where he eats food and acts sloppy and assume he must be a jerk in real life.  People love to make assumptions and it’s awesome when they are proven wrong.  And I think that’s what I enjoyed about having the Minion on is that all too often in this world of social networking and media people assume they know everything about you from a 140 character tweet and if they don’t like it rather than just let it go they usually want to tell you what a piece of trash you are for not agreeing with their opinions and harbor insane levels of grudges or start some sort of crusade against you all because you didn’t agree with them.  It’s all petty when you think about it.  Even people I quarrel with online I don’t hate.  Hate is reserved for people who have done something to me personally to affect my life or the people in it.  The honest truth is a lot of people think from listening to the podcast that Johnny Landin, myself, and anyone else on the show are a bunch of crude, crass, perverted assholes lacking in morals.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I think Landin and I are two of the realest people you’ll ever meet if you do so. What you hear and see online whether on a podcast, or on social media, or in the Minion’s case “in adult videos while he drinks ketchup out of the bottle while banging a broad” is just one side of a person.  Human beings are more complex than that.  Perception isn’t reality, perception is perception.  The reality is that there is more to every person you encounter online than what you actually know and I think intelligent people can take that into consideration.  Unfortunately only the stupid people are breeding these days.  Anyway, back to the show we had current events galore after the Minion with Alice Radley of MLW VIP and the Rational Wrestling Review podcast.  She did a live version of the Asked 411 where she revealed the Moolies who were guests on a previous episode might actually be dead (in actuality they deleted their Twitter which to many people these days is the “same thing” as being dead).  Alice is always opinionated and solid and fun to have on the show to talk current events and crazy news stories with us so it was welcomed. 


Also be sure to check us out the night of Survivor Series where Landin and I will be doing the RWR Episode gathering our thoughts on the Pay-Per-View after the show.  And BEFORE that I will be showing up on the Arc of Wrestling Podcast this coming Monday (November 18th) to talk about the final Monday Night RAW so be sure to tune in for that as well – of course we’ll make sure to post the links here on the site when we do.  And now onto next week’s guest we have Patrice Wilson, who is the producer behind this Rebecca Black YouTube classic (and various others that have gone viral):

So we’re going to ask the most important question we could possibly ask him about these videos:  WHY?  Of course all that and a whole lot more is planned so be sure to tune in Sunday at 10 PM EST.  Also if you haven’t yet, be sure to vote for the Sexiest Female Guest on Asked in 2013 so we can crown her the Queen of Asked on a future episode!