Questions that don't make it on Asked with Riv & Landin

The format of our show, Asked, is that of an “ask us questions and we answer” format.  Now, admittedly there are certain segments that are planned before the show at Johnny Landin and I’s creative meetings which are typically he and I on AIM talking about random weird things.  I think one of the reasons Johnny and I are so good at what we do is we’ve been doing that for years, the only difference is it’s out loud and on the air.  A lot of people don’t realize that what you hear on Asked is how Johnny and I are to begin with.  Usually people ask us questions about current events, or asking for advice, or weird news stories, but once in a while we get some really weak “bad egg” questions that just wouldn’t make for good radio.  As we went through looking at what questions we had, Johnny suggested we just delete the really stupid ones and go on with our day.  I had a different idea:  mockery. Unfortunately since our submission page allows for anonymous questioning, we can’t flat out call someone out on being an idiot but here are some questions that aren’t all that complex or interesting, and would make for bad radio.  I’m going to answer them, despite the fact they sound like they belong on a job application or a psychological evaluation (you don’t need to evaluate me; I am insane).

how old.png

I would be 32. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t know how old I am, because I am still the age I am regardless of knowledge.  This is a stupid question that sounds like it belongs on Blue’s Clues.


I think.  As in “I think your questions suck” and “you clearly didn’t think of anything good to ask the show.”


My life doesn’t have a soundtrack until it becomes a feature film.  The film adaptation will have some differences from the original, such as the fact I will get laid more in the film version of my life instead of answering questions being asked to me by morons.


I wouldn’t give a damn what was on it or not as long as it made money.  If I had my own TV network I’d be rich.  I probably would put a snuff video taking out the person asking me these weak questions, though. 

how old.png

I wouldn’t. I may not make it to 40 as it is. Some people don’t make it to 20. Some people don’t make it to 10. I hope the person asking the questions straight off a psych evaluation doesn’t live to see tomorrow.


It would be titled “I want to punch you in the face.” It would end with me punching you in the face for being annoying.


My fist, which I would like to introduce you to.


No, because I’m not retarded.

Anyway as you can see some of these questions aren’t thought provoking enough nor do the answers generate enough interest for good radio on Asked.  We say “ask us anything” but we pick from the best we get.  The worst ones aren’t worth bringing up on the show, especially when they are pulled straight out of some generic textbook “conversation starter” questions.  Fortunately there is an easy solution to getting rid of them:


Reported.  For bullying.  You bullied my brain cells with mind-numblingly boring uninteresting questions.  Don’t get blocked.  Ask us good stuff in the box below.  Current events, entertainment, situations you need advice on, though provoking questions that have a little more depth to them.  That’s the kind of stuff we like on our show.  If you can provide that, then maybe just maybe you’ll get your question featured on Asked.