Tinder: Love at First App, or Piece of Crap?

The past few months a new app has been taking both iOS and Android by storm known as Tinder.  In this day and age where most people are pretty much socially awkward and retarded many people have no choice but to rely on the devices which made them this way, the Internet to find a girl or a guy to get busy with.  The Tinder App allows you to browse people locally and select the best matches for you.  Supposedly this makes things a lot easier than sites which force you to browse thousands of profiles of people to find that they are all mutants that look like Sloth from the Goonies.


Making the stupid heart sign with  your hands in a photo should be an immediate deal breaker.

Making the stupid heart sign with  your hands in a photo should be an immediate deal breaker.

Recently our own Johnny Landin had moderate (albeit temporary) success meeting some very attractive women through the app. But is Tinder all it is cracked up to be and why the craze? I’ll tell you why: because it is new.

As a new app on the market on the here and now you should be able to stock up on all the people willing to give it a try or check it out. But what happens in three months? All the attractive people on it will have hooked up already, the “newness” will have died down and it will be filled with the same things that sites such as OkCupid, PlentyOfFish and other dating websites and apps have been cluttered with:


BBWs, Transsexuals and Nasty Old Men in Fedoras looking for women 1/3rd of their age.

Enjoy Tinder while you can! It does require a Facebook account (presumably to try to prevent Catfishing), so if you’re off the grid/banned from for telling a Facebook admin that you want to take a dump in their mouth and watch them choke on it like I did you are just SOL. Check out Johnny Landin’s experiences with the women of Tinder in the clip below from Asked Episode 173:

How have YOUR experiences with Tinder been?  Tell us your stories in our comments section! 

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