Asked Aftermath - Episode 177

Saturday is definitely not the ideal day I would choose for podcasting, let alone Saturday at noon.  I’ve said it before on my Twitter account that if I am up before noon at all it’s probably a bad day (a perk of having moderate job schedule control).  Still somehow Johnny and I got talked into this, and here we found ourselves doing a special edition of Asked on Saturday at noon.  If you haven’t listened to it, you know the drill, Asked Episode 177 is available below this paragraph:

So you’re probably wondering WHY we did Asked on a Saturday. That’s because we share a network. We are the disorganized slovenly roommates that leave our dirty underwear in the middle of the floor and leave the toilet seat up. Matt Ryan has a special he does four times a year on Sundays. Some kind of one-man fantasy wrestling.  I don’t know.  I don’t really listen to it. I just know it is there.  And speaking of disorganized time slots we’ve changed times so many times that one of Johnny’s lovers called Da Shizznett (located on the CSTC Network on Thursday nights) asking for Johnny so she could retrieve her panties.  Yes, that was a thing.  We replayed the clip on this episode in fact.


Sprite 6.png

One benefit of the Saturday afternoon slot was the return of Bread Foster, who had previously been a guest on our show several weeks ago.  Bread was great on that episode, so much in fact we definitely wanted to do this again with him and the regular format even though the “Third Chair” on Asked is cursed which is why it’s “Asked with Riv and Landin” instead of “Asked with Riv and Landin and White Person.”


White people are the red shirts of the Asked universe. Don’t ask me why that is. EdWood founded the show with me but stepped away due to pursuing a career in politics, making Asked a conflict of interest. Ashlynn hung in there for a while but I think all of the “big tits at podcast” jokes from me and Landin bounced her away like that scene in Night at the Roxbury where the Butabi Brothers bounce that girl in between them dancing. Glenn almost killed himself after the Crazy Mary Dobson episode of the show, which forced him into retirement. And Brian Roth? I think he is doing a show about soup or something somewhere. Regardless it’s a cursed spot. Fortunately Bread rose to the occasion and managed to not have a breakdown unless you count the point where Mr. Yoshimitsu called in and caused Bread to laugh for about 5 minutes, which caused me to laugh just as much, and caused Landin to laugh as well. Yes. There is a point in this show where there is nothing but laughing as an Asian guy who mumbles tells us his “Weekry update about Sleazy Spark.” (we assume he means Seleziya Sparx). For those who may have missed last week, we had a going away party for Seleziya who is now in Japan, so check out the related YouTube clip below:


We also saw the return of Krispin Wah on the show and when we have some touchy subjects, sometimes Benoit says stuff that for the record Johnny and I don’t agree with.  I want to put that out there because even though Landin and myself say some out there, messed up things, even we have some limits and hopefully anyone that has ever listened understands that we don’t normally make a habit of censoring anyone who calls into the show but it does not by any means mean we share their opinions.  The show ended with a few important clips, segments, and updates, along with a look at the newest viral music video on YouTube, “Chinese Food” which very well be “more disturbing than Rebecca Black’s Friday.”  We didn’t play the entire song when we discussed it, and you just have to SEE the video to fully understand it, so check out the video below.

I would apologize to your ears for that, but I’m a dick so I won’t. The reason why I’m trying to familiarize yourself with this video will make itself apparent in the coming weeks but this will probably not be the last you’ve heard of such a thing on Asked. So stay tuned. Also if you’re an iTunes user, make sure to support us by subscribing to the show and leaving a review on iTunes as well. Saves me the trouble of having to remind you to download it every week.  The link for our iTunes is