Anyone Remember That Time We Almost Got Arrested on the Air?

Possibly one of the strangest clips in Asked History has to be a clip from the last episode of 2012 of Asked with Riv and Landin, where out of nowhere some strange old lady called to talk about Gun Control laws.

This is one listener we DON'T want #BaseballCards from.

This is one listener we DON'T want #BaseballCards from.

On Asked with Riv and Landin we talk about a variety of subjects in the news, but typically we run in the 18-35 age brackets of listeners and generally they seem in touch with a variety of subjects.  Not this creep.  She began to talk about feeding her children graham crackers and green beans while making weird noises.  She just… well… listen to the clip below and you’ll find out.

As you listen to the clip you can feel the discomfort Johnny and I had from the minute we let her on the air.  I immediately messaged Johnny asking him if this was some prank and neither of us had any clue.  If you’ve listened to Asked you know that very few things ever put us at a loss for words so we did the only thing we could think of doing:  We let Chris Benoit attack her.  The call degenerates into chaos from that point where guests began asking her if she enjoys anal sex before she ultimately decides to call Homeland Security on us.


Sweet.  Our very first threat to have the authorities called on us, and not any authorities but the United States Department of Homeland Security.  The moral of the story is that apparently asking old women if they take it up the ass is a threat to national safety.  I’m just glad that Landin and I didn’t end up like Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.  Those were good films by the way. Click here to buy them.  Anyway, this was the first set of legal threats to our show and probably won't be the last, knowing us.  If you're not insane or an authority call the show live by dialing 646-727-2364 when we are on the air!