Out-Of-Work Bully Lashes Out Against Asked Guest Whitney Peyton!


The campaigns behind Anti-Bullying are pretty powerful these days, and Asked guest Whitney Peyton is a rapper who has won a Grammy for being a contributing artist on the album “All About Bullies Big and Small” which you can purchase here on Amazon.com – but not everyone is thrilled about peace and harmony and everybody getting along.  One bully in fact called into Asked with Riv and Landin to express his dissatisfaction with her work to help put an end to all forms of bullying.


Now no longer able to stuff kids in lockers and give children wedgies, Todd Clusterfield has absolutely nothing to do with his spare time.  You can listen to Clusterfield’s challenging words told to our guest Whitney Peyton which you can listen to below:

Clusterfield is currently involved in a class-action lawsuit against all anti-bullying programs with other out-of-work bullies claiming that campaigns such as NO H8 and B A STAR infringe on their personal freedoms, causing severe depression, loneliness and anxiety in their personal lives.  When asked why he can’t just do something with his spare time like “play videogames” or “obsess over wrestling like 90% of the Asked with Riv and Landin listener base seems to do,” Clusterfield simply remarked “that shit is gay.”  We hope to have an update on Mr. Clusterfield’s attempts to “bring back bullying” in the future.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our interview with Whitney Peyton in its entirety on this link!