Asked Aftermath - Episode 176

It took me an entire day of recovery time before I could do this week’s Asked Aftermath because it felt like myself and Johnny did three episodes of the show in a single day due to our guests.  We had three guests in one show, and all of them pretty damn awesome.  Sassy Stephie was our guest for the first hour.  We then followed up with Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore and Couple’s Therapy fame, and finished off with Seleziya Sparx giving an important announcement.  We managed to squeeze this all into a two hour show which I felt impressed with, but I also feel wiped out.  Be sure to listen to the show if you haven’t already in the embedded player below.


Typically we like to have a mix of interview segments and crazy topics in the news, entertainment, current events, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth a show that was 100% interviews went for Johnny and I.  If you listen to our earlier guest episodes and listen to the show now we’ve improved dramatically over time.  I also think the quality of people who have called in has gotten even crazier.  You should care about all of our guests but in the event you want to go directly to one of them we split the show up into three parts for YouTube so you could get straight to each girl. 


Sassy Stephie’s interview talks about her favorite people to work with, about keeping professional even when dealing with unprofessional types, why she loves drag queens and a whole lot more.  She also had a guy call to her and sing songs as well as a marriage proposal by resident special needs caller Count Freddy.  It was a good time and a lot of fun.

Angelina Pivarnick was as vocal and to the point as you’d expect.  In all seriousness I’m not a fan of any form of reality television, so it was surprising for me to get along so well and have so many similar viewpoints with the star of a show I avoided like the plague.  The former Jersey Shore cast member who has previously encountered Johnny Landin, Asked producer Jon-Eric Colon, and former multiple-time Asked guest Damien Darling had a lot to say about transitioning from reality television into wrestling, acting, Broadway, about how and why celebrities don’t really get to speak their mind as much as the rest of us, and got to talk with original Asked & Answered caller the Jersey Shore Guy as well as get asked on a date by Joey Bagofdonuts a.k.a. DJ Jagerbomb.  Oh… and we got on the subject of Farrah Abraham’s anus being deformed. No, seriously, we did.  If you’re a fan of Angelina and of Jersey Shore feel free to pick up the entire series on this link.

Finally we had Seleziya Sparx on the show, who had previously been a guest on our show a few months ago.  Seleziya Sparx had an announcement and a “going away” party with guests of all sorts speaking to her such as The Mountie of fame, Justin “Heavyset’ Summers, host of the Ohio Indy Report, former co-host of Asked, Glenn, an insane Japanese man named Yoshimitsu (no relation to the Tekken character of the same name), and a sound-clip of many, many insults by All-Ego Ethan Page from the episode of Asked he did with us.  Where is Seleziya’s career taking her next?  Find out in this special goodbye party!

All in all this was one of my favorite episodes of Asked with Riv and Landin because it shows how far Johnny and I have come in podcasting.  We put a lot into this show and I think that if you listen to the program then go back and listen to the earlier episodes the difference is night and day.  I hope those of you who listen will continue to support us and hopefully we will continue to bring you great episodes of the show whether we have guests or not each and every week!