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Today we celebrate Curtis. Why? We're not really sure, but the party starts at 10:30 PM EST Wednesday night so join us!  We'll also have a special appearance by Ben Ortiz of Interspecies Wrestling to talk about ISW's Slamtasia V this weekend!  You won't want to miss the madness and you can even call in live to be a part of the show!

We will discuss the breaking news of a violent shooting in Ottawa, Canada, as well as the not-so-violent Breaking Bad toys getting pulled from Toys R Us store shelves.  Whether its Heisenberg or Hitler we'll talk banned products!  And why the hell are so many female teachers getting caught with their male students all of a sudden - more importantly where were these teachers when Riv was growing up?  We'll discuss the newest cases including a teacher stupid enough to get caught via Snapchat!

Motherly love is in the air as a woman is held at gunpoint by the cops while giving birth, a woman abuses her child for not being able to count to 12, and a mother drives her gang member son to ice a street rival.  Also why did a mother give her child away to a heroin addict?  And will Riv's Mom's temper tantrums disrupt the show? 

Also we'll have a update on which disease is worse than Ebola and coming to movie theaters in 2017!  Speaking of movie theaters, John Wick, everybody: yay, or nay?  You won't want to miss another episode of the show that talks anything, everything, and offends everyone!

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From Episode 227 of Asked:

Recently DC Comics released a new line of t-shirts representing their top two characters, Superman and Batman, however not everyone finds their t-shirts to be catchy - feminists began a rallying cry of sexism.  Is it wrong to wear a shirt that says "training to be Batman's wife?" And why are these humorless Vulcans overreacting to a t-shirt anyway?  Just a sample of the various issues we discuss on our show!

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Asked #229 - It's Not Ebola!

This week on Asked, it's NOT Ebola... or is it?  We'll discuss the Dallas woman who recently contracted the virus, and whether or not she infected half of Cleveland Ohio before she was quarantined!  Is the hysteria reaching critical mass?  Yes, this was important enough to get Riv & EdWood off of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and World of Warcraft for - on that note, why are people STILL talking about GamerGate and why did all the "black people" in Warcraft turn white this week? 




Asked #228 - Featuring Mike Rotch, Founder & Booker of ISW (Inter-Species Wrestling)!

Joining us tonight we have special guest: The Founder and Booker for Interspecies Wrestling (@ISDub), Mike Rotch (@RotchyKong) will join us to discuss Slamtasia V on October 25th, as well as news, current events, crazy stories and a whole lot more! For more information go to and visit their Facebook page as well!


Asked #227 - Killer Cops? Ebola? Who Cares? EVERYTHING is Sexist!

Ebola has come to America!  Are we concerned?  Cops are shooting innocent people!  Are we concerned?  Why should we be?  DC comics is putting out SEXIST t-shirts!  Mastodon is putting out SEXIST music videos!  Clearly we need to stop looking at women. Ever.  Glory holes must be the answer!  Riv & EdWood will discuss how quickly the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket!