Riv, EdWood, and our various callers, crazies and Askedholes bring you the show that explodes all over your Wednesday night - now with 50% more jizz!  Find out about the controversial movie poster for Ninja Turtles that has America up in arms!  Was the reaction justified or exaggerated? 

Also San Diego Comic Con is over, but the impact on entertainment media cannot be denied.  We'll discuss Guardians of the Galaxy hype, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman and a whole lot more of the fallout from this event!  Also well discuss the brutal assault on a cosplayer that took place during that weekend and what it means for the future of cosplay!

In other news, what are everyone's favorite racists, George Zimmerman and Donald Sterling up to lately? Well discuss the three Fs: fluoride, fire, and FLORIDA MEN!  In wrestling, TNA is in TROUBLE (and we don't mean EC3's entrance theme!) Why is the government spending more time keeping up with the Kardashians than actually doing anything productive?  We'll also hand out some advice to all of you out there trying to get rid of clings, stalkers, and creepers (not counting Riv & EdWood themselves of course!)  Finally, what kind of crazy things do people Google when they find this show!  All this and more on the show that's not afraid to "go there!"  Join us!

From Episode 216 of Asked - Riv & EdWood discuss Marvel (Disney's) decision to change Thor's gender to female and introduce a new "female" that will be replacing Thor entirely.  Is it a strong move for "female equality?" Are the people who disagree with the change being "misogynistic?"  Find out where Riv & EdWood stand on the issue and also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel located on

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#217 - The Only Show Where It's NEVER Too Soon!

Why is a 9 year old getting married in Africa?  And should we STILL have charities for minorities in the world?  We'll have all the answers. Florida Men are running wild - whether it's getting beaten up by their wives for oral sex mistakes, KKK police officers, trying to buy hookers with food stamps, grabbing asses at Wal-mart or beating teen criminals half to death, we'll have all the latest stories about America's penis, the sunshine state! 



#216 - What a Moneymaker Looks Like When You're Broke!

When did comics become so gay? We'll talk about the death of Archie comics, and the death of Thor's penis!  And... does it make us misogynist to not agree with Marvel's controversial new decision about the God(dess?) of Thunder?  We'll discuss the woman who was arrested for making a 3-D scan of her vagina in Japan, a man who committed a heinous crime against a watermelon (no, seriously), and the newest sensation on the Kansas Breakfast Menu:  Abortion pancakes! 


#215 - Anthony Cumia - Racist or Just Rude?

Controversy abound on this week's Asked - the show where we discuss it all.  After radio shock jock Anthony Cumia was fired from Sirius due to a racist rant on Twitter the social justice warriors are readying their spears to chuck at Cumia and anyone who defends him!  Listen to our show to get Riv's controversial take on this topic. Not to be outdone, EdWood found himself in a war with angry raging feminists - but are the feminists guilty of not practicing what they preach?