What a week it's been!  We'll have plenty of crazy news stories, current events, and crazy happenings from crazy people to talk about on this week's Asked!  Are ISIS a threat to the free world, or are they just a bunch of douchebags with a knife and an HD camera?  Did the third beheading stir us, or did it just make us think "this is getting old?"  Also, we'll talk about the biggest bad guy of the bunch, Bono, and U2's Songs of Innocence invading every iPhone on earth!  Sounds like a bad super-villain cartoon plot? That's because it is.

Looks like Oscar Pistorious had a legal leg to stand on after all - but do we agree with the judge's ruling?  Adrian Peterson in the news - what's with all these football players getting indefinite suspensions, anyway?  How the hell did Ohio manage to let a teenage boy who killed 3 people escape from prison?  Kanye West demands that the crippled stand up to show respect to him!  A man eats his murdered girlfriend's brain only to be shown up by another man who set his girlfriend's vagina on fire!  Is an Iggy Azalea sex tape on the way to being released?

Also if all that isn't enough to pique your interest we have the long awaited return of George Zimmerman in the news for once again doing something stupid! It's the program where we talk about anything, everything, and everyone, so be sure to join us on the show where you can discuss these topics and a whole lot more as we once again prove we are the highlight of your Wednesday night!  

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From Episode 224 of Asked:

Wrestling has always been known for having a bit of a strange, creepy fanbase - but what happens when a TNA/ROH Superfan named "Cyrus Wolfe" gets offended at a news story?  We play a clip where this psychopath threatens to "scoop out someone's eyeballs" because he didn't like their mean prank on an Autistic kid who attempted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  On top of that, Wolfe was offended we played the clip and has been invited to call us on Asked Episode 225.  Will he show?  Is he going to scoop out someone's eyeballs on the air?  Check this clip from last week's episode out and also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel located on

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#224 - Hitting You Harder than Ray Rice Hit His Wife!

It’s time for another episode of Asked – the show that hits harder than Ray Rice hitting his wife!  We’ll discuss the controversial NFL player, his suspension, his release from the Baltimore Ravens, and whether or not we believe he should be banned for life from the sport.  Also everyone’s getting a little iCrazy after the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and the iWatch – are we interested or was it an iFail?  And what exactly is the origin of Chick-Fil-Ass?  We’ll discuss this as we pay respects to the Chick-Fil-A founder, Truett Cathy who died this week!

#223 - What's Happening with the Fappening?

The Fappening is upon us!  Which celebrity nudes got leaked, and is it a big deal?  Is it psychic violence? And what exactly IS psychic violence anyway?  EdWood and Riv will discuss whether its the iCloud or the uFailed and why Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and other celebrities can't put all the blame on the Internet!  Speaking of celebrities you don't have to be naked to be in the news as Joan Rivers clings to life, Justin Bieber clings to the pillow in a jail cell, CM Punk clings to wedding photos, and Cee Lo Green clings to unconscious women.

#222 - Always Prepared!

 Where were YOU when Suge Knight got shot?  Either way we're prepared in case he drops dead in his hospital bed.  Also Ferguson's gonna just keep on "Ferging," why we don't care about the Emmys, and where can you buy an awesome 99-pack of beer?  Plus: The Arby's "Meat Mountain."  Is it enough meat to satisfy EdWood? We'll also discuss how one man got arrested for his Ice Bucket Challenge, as well as discuss Amazon's billion dollar Twitch acquisition but will anyone be able to stop the hackers who have been targeting every major online gaming company all week long?