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Riv & EdWood put down the Warcraft to bring you an all-new Asked tonight! So how IS Warlords of Draenor, and did the somewhat rocky launch turn us away from the game?  We'll talk about that a little bit and about Bill Cosby's recent sexual assault allegation a lot!  So where do we weigh in on the Cos?  Did he do it?  And what about CNN's Don Lemon's controversial statements to one of the "alleged" victims?

Grand Theft Auto V confirms their sex scenes will be first person for the next generation - are the activists outraged? Should they be outraged?  A TLC Show comes under fire for anti-gay slurs:  should it be canceled?  And Snapchat has introducted Snapcash, a way to send money over the photo-sharing app but will it lead to an increase of nudes for money?  Will EdWood go broke?  Also we'll dicuss the Fantastic Failure of the new Fantastic Four film, now that the plot synopsis has been leaked! We'll also discuss Chris Hemsworth being named the sexiest man alive - do we agree? 

In crazy news, a John Cena fan fathered 25 different kids, and doesn't want to pay for them, a Florida Man got arrested for DUI at Taco Bell and takes the saddest mugshot ever.  And how and when did "F*** her right in the P****" become illegal?  We'll also talk about the Asian woman who microwaved her baby, a kickstarter for a new period control device called the menstrual cup and if that doesn't sicken you we have the story of a man who molested a 101 year old woman... and SMILED about it!

You won't want to miss all the madness and mayhem on another episode of Asked - who knows who might call in and what they might say, plus Riv is angry again so you know it's going to be bad for him but good for all of you listening!  Be part of the show and call in, 646-583-0469 or post on our forums to be a part of the action on !

From Episode 231 of Asked:

Sick of this #GamerGate nonsense? So are we.  Asked host Riv, along with Blake and special guests ISW's Mike Rotch and Ben Ortiz discuss Twitch's crackdown on scantily-clad gamers, as well as GamerGate and why we think all the people bitching about equality in gaming need to just shut the hell up and play videogames and have fun again!  

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Asked #233 - Break the Internet, Pinkie Sanchez!

Asked comes to you live on the Eve of the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion:  Riv & EdWood are ready to go on an epic journey of sleepless nights, energy drinks, and carpel tunnel syndrome on the way to Level 100 – but they’re going to answer the tough questions: “why do you guys even PLAY World of Warcraft?”  Also they’ll discuss BlizzCon 2014, what they liked, what they didn’t, and whether or not it’s OVERWATCH or OVER-HYPE!  Also SPECIAL GUEST PINKIE SANCHEZ is joining Asked tonight and he's got something to say!  You won't want to miss this episode!

Asked #232 - Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!

This week we get to the bottom of who the hell #AlexFromTarget is, why the hell anyone should give a damn, and why #JonFromGasStation should be more famous.  Also did the "reddening" of the map with the Republicans winning the Senate during election day "destroy America?"  Grand Theft Auto V is upon us for the new videogame systems and is bringing first-person mode to the game - is it enough to make us pay twice?



Asked #231 - Simply Marvel-ous!  Plus a look back on Slamtasia V with ISW's Mike Rotch & Ben Ortiz as special guests!

So nice we had to do it twice:  Mike Rotch AND Ben Ortiz both appear to talk about the aftermath of ISW's big Slamtasia V event last weekend and both join us for crazy news stories and more!  You won't want to miss this super size episode of the show we have planned for you!  This week Marvel introduced "Phase 3."  What's in Phase 3, what are we most excited to see, and who hasn't gotten a movie yet that we'd like to see?