Where were YOU when Suge Knight got shot?  Either way we're prepared in case he drops dead in his hospital bed.  Also Ferguson's gonna just keep on "Ferging," why we don't care about the Emmys, and where can you buy an awesome 99-pack of beer?  Plus: The Arby's "Meat Mountain."  Is it enough meat to satisfy EdWood?

We'll also discuss how one man got arrested for his Ice Bucket Challenge, and when we think the viral phenomenon will finally KICK the bucket, as well as discuss Amazon's billion dollar Twitch acquisition but will anyone be able to stop the hackers who have been targeting every major online gaming company all week long?

Also news is full of crazies, crackheads, and cretins as we'll talk about the woman who beat a man for farting in her face, an Alabama couple who tried to force a pregnancy on a relative, the mother who pakced her bags... with her dead child inside them, and the Florida man who wants his neighbor's lemonade stand shut down.  Why?  Also who the hell is Young Jeezy and why is he shooting at people?  All this and Riv will read some of the stupidest things ever said live on the air as well!  You won't want to miss the show where the weird gets weirder and the rude get ruder!

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From Episode 221 of Asked:

Riv, EdWood, Blake, AH Walker, and Danny Ryan discuss the story of a California school having to apologize for making special education students sort trash.  Was it wrong, or was it putting them to purpose?  

You'll want to hear this outrageous, politically incorrect clip that isn't afraid to still say the word "retard" along with a few stories of mental retardation mixed in for good measure!  Check this clip from last week's episode out and also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel located on

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#221 - Always Trying to Get A-Head!

News stories include a park ranger jumped by out of control skateboarders, the UK man who faked his own death to avoid a marriage, a morgue attendant who has loved over 100 dead women, a Florida grandmother who shot her 7 year old grandson and a man in Connecticut who died while playing computer games.  All this and also why everyone is moving to Australia, more crazy police stories, teachers sleeping with students, Amish sex, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and did the mafia get revenge on Pope Francis for denouncing them?

#220 - Robin, Robbin' & Throbbin'

Tonight on Asked we will remember Robin Williams, father, actor, comedian, and all-around class act.  What led to the passing of one of the most iconic showmen of our generation?  We'll discuss it on tonight's episode! Also we'll be talking about those crazy cops!  Whether it's the tragic shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson or the boy who got shot in the middle of his Wal-Mart shopping experience by the police, are cops everywhere getting a little out of control? 

#219 - Worse than Ebola!

 The media is in an uproar as Ebola comes to the United States.  Is there cause for alarm or are people overreacting?  Riv & EdWood weigh in with their opinions.  Also in wrestling, WWE's top star Randy Orton referred to a fan taking a photo with him as "Mrs. Piggy."  Find out what we think about the fan uproar over this.  Is Orton a heel or just a dick?  Ghostbusters 3 gets a director, a direction, and a lot of hate already - if you thought female Thor was bad, wait until you hear about plans for an all-female Ghostbusters cast by a man who directs romantic comedies!