What is it with all these crazy airline stories? Whether it is Dutch teenagers threatening acts of terror on American Airlines, U.S. Airways posting girls who masturbate with airplane models, or a French airline being accused of a racist ad campaign, is it time to get rid of air travel and go back to the days of horse-and-carriage?  We'll discuss some of the craziest stories in the news and a whole lot more!

We'll discus the Wu Tang-discovered rapper that severed his genitals and tried to commit suicide only to survive.  What exactly was he on?  Miley Cyrus calls in sick - is it allergies or is it an overdose?  In Nigeria terrorists kidnapped schoolgirls.  What will be the fate of these young women and why were they taken?  Hopefully they don't end up dead like a Utah woman who was found with not 1 but 6 dead babies in her home!  Selena Gomez sends her parents to the unemployment line!  We'll have the scoop! We'll also discuss the girl that was "2 drunk 2 care" and how her cryptic tweet led down a dangerous path, along with a boy who somehow ended up inside a crane game - so if you catch him, do you get to keep him?

As always Asked brings you outrageous stories, with outrageous reactions, crazy callers, and a whole lot more every week - it's the show YOU can become part of the action - call in 646-583-0469 to ask or answer questions on the air, and use the #AskedShow tag to tweet our program!  We welcome all kinds, so join us on the only show where YOU can be part of the act!

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Episode 202 - Remembering the Ultimate Warrior!

Due to events that transpired over the weekend, Asked has undergone yet another metamorphosis - find out what happened and find out what it means for the future of this great show as we continue to bring you the best hybrid Internet Radio Show out there as we talk current events, news, politics, wrestling, sports, video games, movies and a whole lot more.

Episode 201 with Under the Skin star Adam Pearson!

With Landin sick and on his period this week, we're going old school as Riv & EdWood bring you the show - but that doesn't mean we don't have a special guest for you: Our guest this week is no stranger to the craziness of Asked with Riv & Landin - long-time friend of the show, Adam Pearson co-stars alongside one of Hollywood's top leading ladies, Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming horror/suspense/sci-fi film Under the Skin in U.S. theaters on April 4th.  For more information on the film check out

Episode 200: with special guest Bizarre of D12!

We've made it to Episode 200!  This week's Asked with Riv & Landin will have a lot of surprise guests, crazy callers from many eras of the show, and a lot of great stories to discuss!  We also have special guest, an icon from the world of hip-hop Bizarre joining us for this milestone episode to talk about music, entertainment, and other assorted madness! Be there as one of hip-hop's biggest icons joins our show!